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Comments: Sick stick...bottom line. I have a few top model sticks, CCM CL, S19, Widow, and 2 T1s. There is a reason I have 2 T1s. The stick is powerful, super lightweight, and really does everything well. Shooting is top-notch, very accurate and powerful, passes are crisp, and catching passes is a natural feel. The stickhandling would be a SLIGHT knock compared to my CL, but the blade feel and overall performance in every other aspect easily puts the T1 at the top of the list. I have one very stiff (112) and one very whippy (82) to cover any type of game situation. This is the only stick I have found that rivals or betters the performance of the One95.
From: Jamie, MD

Comments:Incredible stick. Super light and the almost concave walls on the shaft provide an awesome grip. Has an insanely great feel for the disconnected feeling from the hands down to the end of the blade. The pure shot technology must be legit, as I've never had a stick that sends the puck exactly where I want it to go every time. I'm not a big slap shot guy, as I'm a smaller forward, but I can unload more than I ever could, and faster. The mid- kick point doesn't seem to slow down wrist shots either. Snap shots are super-nasty! I definitely recommend this stick. Tried a vapor 60 and the feel of the blade was night and day in comparison to the total one. Different strokes for different folks I guess!
From: Dusty

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