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Comments: This stick is amazing the power you get off your one timer is amazing and slap shots feel effortless. Great puck feel and quote durable I had mine for four months so far and it's still got plenty of pop life
From: Batavia, IL

Comments: Amazing stick great feel great handle
From: Connor, PQ

Comments: :I have a kane 87 flex. First off this stick is a lot stiffer than say a APX 87 flex so make sure you either test each flex out and see what you like! For me I like my sticks a little stiffer with still a nice flex to it. The 87 is perfect for me. The first shot I took I felt the power and velocity of the stick. It is amazing! I also have the old Total One LE with matte finish. I noticed right away that the power core 4 blade has a lot more power behind it than the power core 3. The stick has very good accuracy also! Everyone always says this stick is for slap shots and one timers but it really is not. My wrist shots and snap shots are awesome. It has such a smooth release that is it very easy to control your shot! The only thing I can see a problem with is that the paint, or the matte finish chips off really easily. my Total one LE did not chip as easy as the NXG. overall I would give this stick a 9/10! If you can fork up the money GET THIS STICK!!!
From: Kyle

Comments: Have always used Bauer sticks. The NXG is the best yet. Every time they upgrade to the latest and greatest. I am always amazed how they can constantly make a great stick better.
From: Michael, Neptune, NJ

Comments: Awesome stick I would give it a 5/5.
From: ??

Comments: Im using a 77 Flex Pm9 and man do i love it!, at first i wasn't sure if i would like the curve but after the 2nd ice time with it i was pumped! The flex and release in the stick is amazing , I get alot of power in my one timers and my snap shots are great. The feel of the stick when stick handling is also great , i can look up at the rink ceiling and stick handling like Kane ;D i would recommend this stick in any curve/ flex you with like it!
From: Colin, BC, Canada

Comments: The Total One NXG is easily the best stick I have ever used. I am a huge fan of the Supreme series, having used the Total One prior to the NXG. Playing defense, stiffness of the shaft and control are important to me and it is brought with this stick. It is stiffer than the Total One but I find the power it brings is superior to any stick I have used. Being one of the few mid-kick sticks on the market, I embrace the continued excellence of the Bauer Supreme series.
From: Ben, NY

Comments: I bought this stick coming from the Easton RS, which set the bar VERY high. Well, I went to a shop, and right when I picked this stick up, I knew I had to get it. It is EXTREMELY light, but you would NOT think that when you go out and take shots with it. Me and my hockey buddies were joking around saying it would probably break on the first shot - NOT THE CASE. I've played 2 games, and had 5 practices, and it is still holding up AMAZINGLY. The shot release is amazing. You can really tell what makes this a top-of-the-line stick. Also, I went from the Hall curve, which is a pretty sick curve - to the Stamkos curve, which is arguably the wussiest curve in Hockey. It barely took any time to get used to. The stiff, sexy blade let me feel the puck great. If you are thinking about buying this stick, don't hesitate. It's light, powerful, and (most importantly) looks great! DO NOT HESITATE to buy this stick! 5/5 stars!
From: Logan

Comments: Amazing stick love the mid-kick amazing stick for defence and forwards... If you can i would buy this stick
From: Joe

Comments: Amazing, amazing stick! When I first got it, I didn't notice any difference with the old TO, except maybe the NXG being slightly lighter. But after firing up some slappers and one-timers, I noticed the blade is much more rigid which is awesome. With that in mind, my shots were slightly more accurate with the NXG compared to the old TO. Puck feel I think is the same. For durability, well the TO was a very durable stick so I think we can all feel safe.
From: Michael

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