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Comments: Bauer really did a nice job on this product. There are some things I want to point out that I really liked about this elbow pad.

Secured fit: Loved the yellow anchor strap that they attached. Most of the other elbow pads have the similar thing that does the same function to this anchor strap. However, from my experience, after using numerous other elbow pads, those straps that lock your arm from moving inside the elbow pads, can give you a pinchyness type of feeling and can be a slight discomfort against ur skin. Considering that the part of body that elbow pad is touching is arguably the most used body part during playin hockey. This elbow pads' anchor strap eliminated all those issues and i was surprised that there was no discomfort. Usually those straps gives you discomfortness when ever those straps rub against your skin, but this pad sticks to your skin and prevents those rubbing effect.

Function: The poron xrd thingy inside the pad was really squishy and was fun to play with lol. Anyways, this elbow donut saved my elbow numerous time when i ever got tripped and hit my elbow against the boards. It absorbed most of the impact that has been done towards your elbow.
From: Sol, Arlington, TX

Comments: comfortable protective lightweight great pad
From: Andy

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