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Comments:  Bought this shaft initially for roller hockey. very powerful shots with minimal strength use to shoot. the flex is great for all type of shot. When my red totalone 1pc ice stick broke, i bought a P14 NXG curve to attach to it to use it for ice and its awesome! This 2pc NXG performs better than a 1pc Reebok 11k & the 1pc TotalOne stick that i broke. the durability and the flex is great and can take all the abuse of the game. Of course the down side is its a little bit heavier then those 1pc sticks but to me it out performs the rest. Bought it when it first launched and have been using it ever since.
From:  Benjamin, Singapore

Comments: :Heard this was a great shaft for slappers. Which isn't bad by the way. Great look, but honestly I want a stick to
perform well all around. Only issue I am having to adjust with is that it doesn't have a grip coating. When in close I like to snap
the wrist to go upstairs with it. Without the grip it's been rolling in my palms causing less accurate results. Great weight for shots and stick handling. Still prefer the Mako.
From: Eric, PA

Comments: Bought this to replace my broken ONE100; my ONE100 snapped after 2 months use, I decided to go with the 2 piece system. I also bought the P92 blade to go with this. This 2 piece set-up is very light compare to other 2 piece but feels slightly heavy compare to some of the high end one piece. The heavy feeling is due to the hosel weight at the blade shaft joint area. The shaft doesn't come with any grip coating, it allows you to slide your hand up and down more easily when loading up slappers and stick handling. In terms of shots, I do not notice a difference in comparison in my team mate's widow, total one. (which are true one piece). cant comment on durability just yet as I just bought the stick not too long ago. But if the stick breaks, only the shaft needs to be replaced. Overall, the stick has a good feel to it, slightly heavier feel due to the 2 piece system characteristics but by all means still relatively light.
From: Eric, Coquitlam, Canada

Comments: Bought this and a Bauer p92 blade to replace my broken ONE100. The shaft comes in matte finish (no grip coating) which allows easier slide for stick handling or loading up shots. With regards to weight, I have to say it is pretty light for a 2 piece but heavier than most high end one piece; mainly due to the added weight at the hosel joint. This however, does not affect my shots. I don't notice any change in flex point when comparing to a TotalONE or Warrior widow. I would recommend this for those has a tendency of snapping their shafts or blade.
From: Eric

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