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Comments: There is so much to say about a skate like this. When I first started playing ice hockey, I did not want to spend so much money. I first looked at this skate and I felt in love. The design here is sick as well as the technology in a skate like this. I have been using this skate for a year and a half now. It is super durable and strong and withstands any shots or stick that has hit it. They are super lightweight, so you do not feel like you are lugging around a lot. And it is extremely responsive. These are great for sprinting and quick, hard stops as well as hard cornering. Playing as a center, this is exactly what I need. Best skates ever!!!
From: Melanie

Comments: Comments:just got these skates went skateing with them the next day i was amazed at how broken in they were out of the box great skates for the price.
From: Dustin, Green Bay, WI

Comments: I just recently started playing ice hockey,I've played roller hockey ever since I can remember. I purchased these skates never before skating on ice. I wanted super quality and affordable skates. I love these skates to death. Its now winter in Nebraska and most lakes and lines are frozen, I take the skates with me wherever I go incase Idecide to shred some ice. I ordered the skates with the yellow superfeet pads. They are extremely comfortable and durable, considering I skate outdoors. I recommend all starters get these skates. You won't regret it. 10/10
From: Kaleb, Nebraska

Comments: All of my friends have been telling me to get these skates for I don't know how long, a while. I finally got them, and I was amazed of how it surpassed by expectations. They are one of the best skates I have used in my 25 years of Hokey, and as an Public Ice Skating Instructor. These skates are not just for hokey, but for recerational skating for guys who just can't use figure skates. I give them a 6/5
From: Justin

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