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Comments: i skate once weekly and these skates are perfect for that. they feel good and look good. Great quality skate. Recommend to the world.
From: Alex, PA

Comments: First pair of skates that I have ever owned.  Great fit and performance. Ice Warehouse was the best price, the best customer service, and the best videos to help me decide on which skates to purchase. These guys know HOCKEY!!!!!
From: Shaun, KY

Comments: I just got back into skating after a 15 year lay off. I don't mess with rental skates so I purchased some Bauer Supreme one 20s to get back into the groove of things. It was no more than 2 sessions later when I decided to use ice skating as a avenue for exercise (specifically cardio) and a refreshing challenge. I get shin splints very easily from running so ice skating is very low impact in comparison. I skate 2-4 times a week. It wasn't long before i realized that i needed an upgrade. The few things i needed were: a) a heat mold-able skate, b) a replaceable holder/runner (i sharpen my skates every 6 - 10 hours of ice time) and c) better foot beds/insoles. I asked some hockey buddies of mine for suggestions, and i received a lot of responses. The best response however was, "wear what's comfortable and fits properly. Make sure to try the skates on before purchasing." I tried on a lot of mid level skates and even some high end skates, nothing beat the fit and feel of the Bauer Vapor X 4.0. I mind you this was before I did any work to them. When I received the skates from in-line warehouse, i hauled my butt over to the local hockey pro shop for the upgrades that i listed above. After heat molding, a pair of Super Feet Hockey foot beds and some Bauer Core socks, my skating progressed leaps and bounds. I am a better skater now than I ever was and I am only getting better with every hour of ice time. *Plug Mars Blackmon's "it's gotta be the shoes" quote here* If these skates are within your budget, you will not go wrong with these skates.

My recommendations: - Intermediate to advanced skaters that want a well built, structurally sound, sturdy boot. - Individuals with narrow feet. - Individuals that sharpen their skates often (due to replaceble runner and holder). - People that want heat moldable skate for best custom fit. - Purchase Superfeet foot beds and get them fitted appropriately by a pro shop (support your local businesses people).
From: Breezy, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: Overall, I'm really happy with these skates. This season I upgraded from ccm vector V08 skates. Right when I handled these Bauer skates I could tell they were well made and durable, turns out I'm right. Switching skates during the middle of a season can be tough, but not with these skates. After one practice with them I played in a game the next day. This skate has great heel support and are well constructed for lots of use. With the stainless steel runner there are no problems with rust. If you have wide feet I would recomend the EE size. Hope your as happy as I am with these skates.
From: Jordan

Comments: These skates are amazing overall and are worth getting. Extremely comfortable once broken into, For some odd reason performance is just a whole lot better compared to my older skates (Vapor 2.0's & Supreme One.4s.) Im into freestyle and these skates are just amazing. Recommended to everyone.
From: Angel, Miami, FL

Comments: These skates are perfect for intermediate level play. After skating in them for around 11 months I could not be happier with the condition they are still in(2x week skater). They are a little dirty from puck marks, but all of the seams are still in tact and the support is as good as ever and they have not lost any stiffness. I personally think they look even better when worn down, as they are a little loud(visually) on the ice when they are brand new. The steel and holder have held up well, no complaints there. The plastic insert in the tongue is a fantastic touch, as I usually have lacebite problems no matter which skate I use. I hardly feel it in these skates and I think that insert really helps. I will say that I didn't like the non-waxed laces, so I had those replaced. It seemed like the OEM laces would come apart easily. These skates have made me a Bauer skate guy, as I have tried most other major manufacturers and I really feel like you get more for your money with Bauer.

From: Eric, St. Louis, MO

Comments: I have been skating on these since about June. They are light weight and offer good protection and fit great. Since I bought them online I wasent able to bake them in a skate bake oven I just used a hair dryer for about 2 minutes and they molded right to my foot. Little to no break in time was required. The toe cap is strong, I have taken a few hard shots to the cap and it holds up every time. Overall they are very comfortable just wish the sole was a little more padded. I recommend these skates to anyone who wants a high quality skate and is on a budget.
From: Brian, CO

Comments: These skates are fantastic for the price point. Before I used them on the ice I had them baked and I would highly recommend everyone else do that too. They quickly became my favorite skates of all time not just because of the fit but also the strong ankle support and overall durability of the boot and runner. There's a reason you see so many pros wearing Vapor
From: Mark

Comments: These are great skates. I had them baked twice and the fit is awesome. No issues with quality at all.
From: Ted

Comments: awesome skates for the price!!! im sure i will have these for a while. and always great buying for IW. awesome fast shipping!
From: Luke, MI

Comments: Overall this skate is solid and well constructed. However if you have lower arches you might have to get different insoles, or have your lhs punch out the arch a little bit. I tried these out and they killed the middle of my foot. They also seem to be a bit long. I wear a size 11 shoe (my foot is 11 inches long) and had to go down two sizes before I could feel the end of the boot
From: Davis

Comments: I haven't skated much on these yet, but I am very impressed with the fit. I have a pretty narrow foot so this skate fit me like a glove. It is recommended that you should size down 1 1/2 sizes from your shoe size. I ended up sizing down two sizes because I couldn't quite feel the end of the boot in a 9.5. I wear an 11 street shoe and fit a 9 in the vapor.
From: Cam, Utah

Comments: This is an awesome skate, I haven't played for about 10 years and I had to get new skates because my old Bauer 3000's were hashed. Iam just finally starting to play again and these skates are really comfortable and lightweight. I can't believe how much equipment has changed over the years. I have skated on them now about 6 times and you definitely need to bake them, I baked mine twice at around 170 degrees for 6 minutes each skate. Really helps if you bake them, I skated on them without baking them the first time out of the box and they were really uncomfortable and had a hard time lacing them up but now after having them baked they're great! I also am a bigger guy and my feet are wide so having them in EE width really makes this option great also, I did try on a pair of Reebok 8k's and also some CCM Crazy Lights and nothing compared to the Bauer Vapor X4.0
From: Gary, UT

Comments: I have been skating for a couple games with them. Stiff at first but after a little breaking in they feel real good. Feel like I have more power in my first couple strides to get me going. Overall very happy with my purchase.
From: Anonymous 

Comments: I've been skating with these for about 10 games now and love them! Previously I was in Bauer XXII and use them for ~2 years before the toe cap cracked along the seam. I found them to be slight more comfortable than my XXIIs (especially through the balls of my feet) and they are stiffer (or at least I don't remember the XXIIs being this stiff when I first got them). I feel this stiffness helps to create a little bit more drive on the ice, especially in my first few pushes. I can't prove it, but I feel like I'm skating a little faster with them vs. the XXIIs. They are super comfortable, light and very affordable. I was also looking at the X5.0s, but just felt like they were not work the extra money. So far, so good. Some general Vapor feedback. I've learned they are more of a narrow skate vs. the Supremes. Keep that in mind if you have shorter or wide feet. I wear 11Ds and wear 12 shoes (long, narrow) so this boot fits great for me.
From:  Michael, Austin, TX, USA

Comments: I've only had one good skate on them and unsharpened at that and I was still blown away. These are much stiffer than my old skates but after that two hours I couldn't even tell I had been wearing skates. Support is excellent, you can feel the ice very well. I can't wait to get them baked (and obviously sharpened) and get more time in on them.
From: Adam

Comments:I've got a couple of skates in with the X4.0, and I have to say I am very impressed! It's a much sturdier boot than I was expecting for the price, and they're both responsive and incredibly comfortable. The Vapor's reputation for breaking down quickly has always kept me in Supremes prior to buying these skates. While the longevity remains to be proven, I'm hoping they'll hold up just fine (especially considering my playing career is now confined to the beer leagues). As always, great experience buying from IW.
From: Kirk

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