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Comments: These skates are great, especially for the price. Offer a lot of high end features at a reasonable price. There are very comfortable and perform very well. The composite sole plate really helps transfer all your power into the ice and give you that extra speed. I would recommend to anyone looking for new skates.
From: Will, USA

Comments: Great skate at a great price. Two members of my family have these and they love them. My brother replaced his X60's with the X5.0 and he says they are both second to none and the X5.0 easily compares despite the lower price tag.
From: Daniel, FL

Comments: Purchased this skate to use for playing an intermediate-level men's league. The boot has great stiffness and is definitely suitable for higher levels of competition. The skate fits slightly narrow like the rest of the Vapor line, but I feel it's slightly wider than past Bauer models. The lightspeed steel and tuuk holders are top quality as usual, BUT I have concerns about the fiber composite outsole of the boot. I bought $300 skates so that they'd last, but after about half a year (65-80 hours of actual skating), I noticed the edges of the outsole had cracked and the composite fiber strands were exposed and fraying. Overall, I would recommend these skates for performance, but I would watch them closely for wear (like any $300+ skate) and be aware of the warranty period.

From: Ben, Chicago, IL

Comments: They are amazing. I had them baked to quicken the time it takes for my feet to mold into them, but they are the best skates I have ever owned. I used to have x60s but they became to small and these skates are even better. They are not as light as x60s, but I found them far more comfortable. They really allow you to feel the ice and they are light enough to allow quick footspeed and agility. Really a great product, especially for the price.
From: Joel, FL

Comments: I have been skating on these twice a week for 4 months now. No complaints. I'm 195 lb's and they are still stiff. I would recommend these to a friend.
From: Lance

Comments:This skates are great for anyone. From mites all the way up to varsity...this skates will not let you down. I bought these skates after being sick of my Reebok 12K's, which were way too wide. I bought these on the day of Bantam hockey tryouts, and I scored a goal during the scrimmage! These are CRAZY LIGHT. They weigh less than a lot of top-of-the-line skates like Reebok 20K, CCM Crazy Light, and Easton RS skates. That being said, they are still very stiff. I haven't had any problems with them at all. You can get them baked, but I didn't and I was just fine. BUY THESE SKATES!
From: Logan

Comments: I've been playing for about a year and my first pair of skates were the Bauer Vapor X2.0...they served their purpose but just didn't hold up. I was on the fence on whether I should upgrade to 4.0 or 5.0. I'm happy I went with the 5.0. I baked them yesterday and skated for 90 minutes at pick up hockey today. A little tight but no doubt they'll break in just fine. I was able to handle the stiffer boot without a problem and I'm shocked at how comfortable they were. I decided to spend the extra $120 on the 5.0 primarily for durability. The 4.0 have a lower quality piece of material that connects the boot to the toe cap...this broke down pretty quickly on my 2.0.
From: Rich, New Milford, CT USA

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