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Comments: I'm an old timer that still enjoys the beer leagues and skating with the family. I've skated in Bauer skates since the 70's. I replaced my old Bauer Supremes with some Reeboks because the new Supremes didn't fit or feel quite right and the Nexus models were too wide. I didn't previously try the Vapor models because I was told they were for a pretty narrow foot. So, the last couple of years, I've used Reeboks, which I thought were the most comfortable skate I could find. Since I only skate one to a few times a week, I also thought breaking in a stiff, pro level skate would be difficult. Plus, the price on the top level skates was hard to justify for my use. My 18K's were starting to wear so I went to the store to try on some Ribcores. Didn't like the new fit as much as the old Reebok fit. Tried the new Tacks; nope. So I tried the Vapors. First the X70's; not bad but too soft. Didn't have the X90's in my size. Was trying to stay away from the Curv composite because of the stiffness and aforementioned concern with a pro level stiffness. Tried on the 100's, fit literally like a glove on my foot. Baked them, even better! Sharpened them, skated in them at a few practice sessions and they were perfect, as comfortable as my Reeboks were (and that's saying a lot!) but an even better fit heel to toe. Got them on sale too since they were closing out those model Vapors and saved a couple hundred bucks, even better. Very responsive so they don't forgive any errors in your skating technique so don't buy these unless you've been skating awhile. But if you can find them in your size since they are disappearing, get them!! Bauer quality, especially at this level of a skate will last a long time.

From: Tony, Phoenix, AZ

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