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Comments: Purchased this stick with the P88 curve and I absolutely love it. Very quick release for wrist and snap shots but also has great power for slaps. The balance is good for the price range, and has great blade feel. Was drawn to this stick for the 77 flex and I am glad I went with it. Will definitely purchase again!
From: Steve, MI

Comments: Had this stick for 4 months, I think its really good value so far. I had the Bauer one 60 before, this stick defintely better for wrist shots, pretty good for slap shots as well. I had the X40 before as well, pretty similar.
From: Mike, WA

Comments: Had this stick for 2 seasons and loved it. It is obviously heavier than a $250 stick, but for the money i loved it. So durable and has a great feel. Love the round edges and overall responsiveness of the stick. If you take wristers this stick is great. If you take slapshots stay away. The low kick makes it very hard to get power and lift behind it. The only reason i got a new stick is because the blade got a little soft.. but again 2 FULL 25 game seasons and practices.
From: JP, Maryland

Comments: This stick is really similar to the x40. very durable for as long as I've had it, which is playing a full season, skating three times a week. Extremely whippy near the bottom of the shaft, which is odd at first but it helps provide a quick release without much effort. Great for receiving passes. A bit heavy, but that's what you get at this price point. It has everything you get in a pro quality stick, aside from it's weight. Overall I'd recommend it for people who want great performance at a lower price point.
From: Tommy, Springfield, IL

Comments:  Great stick for the price, has the "intelli-sense" feature from the APX. Used this stick for about 20 games, still in good condition.  I have had 1 chip in tip of the blade, but thats about it.
From: Wayne

Comments: Big jump in performance from the X3.0 which I also own. The Intelli-sense flex makes a big difference in feel when you're on the go and quickly popping off a shot. Good balance during stick handling. Good blade feel for a composite when receiving passes. Highly recommended for regular players whose preferences in a stick are good overall balance, blade feel, and high performing flex/pop.
From: Jonny, NJ

Comments: great stick for the money. I had a reebok ai5 before getting this and it is a vast improvement.
From: Chris

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