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Comments: These are great beginner/budget level skates. The fit is good, but the break in does take a little while. They fit my right foot perfectly, but my left digs into the ankle a bit. As you use them and the foam shapes to you specifically, it gets better and you get used to it, so not a big deal. The wheels do wear pretty quickly when skating outdoor. I skate on a skatepark rink with smooth concrete, and I have to rotate my wheels after every game, and after one or two practices. They've lasted a few months but I plan on replacing them with Labeda asphault wheels for their durability. Wheels are meant to wear down and be replaced, so like I said, it's not an issue. The bearings are adequate. I'm sure I may replace them eventually, but the ones that come with it are just fine. They don't suck, but they aren't world class amazing either. They get the job done without issue. The boot has great protection and is rock solid. As others have said, get an insole when you can. It will help increase the comfort and fit significantly.
From: Justin, TN

Comments: These are great skates, they feel just like my Bauer ice hockey skates. If you have used Bauer for ice hockey skates before, the boot on this is very similar. Sturdy construction and good wheels for indoor or outdoor. They take a little while to get broken in though, not supposed to be baked.
From: Christian, KS

Comments: These are the first pair of roller hockey skates that I have owned. Inline Warehouse provided a fast response when I e-mailed them with questions regarding their skates. I decided to pay $25 more and went with these skates instead of the XR1s. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. If asked, I would recommend them.
From: Drew, Des Moines, Iowa

Comments: i have had 2 pairs of these, they suck. I have bent the chassis on them. the boots are nice but the chassis are cheap.
From: Jay, MI, USA

Comments: The skates are good. I have boney ankles so the ankle padding is a little uncomfortable. Wheels and bearings are ok, but will replace. As with any skate or shoe, get insoles.
From: J.A., NY

Comments: Very comfortable skate. I do recommend them for indoor because they wear quick on the outdoor spaces. I've had them for about a month and i would recommend them for someone who plays one or twice a week. Wheels could be better.
From: David, San Diego, CA

Comments: The skates are good. I have boney ankles so the ankle padding is a little uncomfortable. Wheels and bearings are ok, but will replace. As with any skate or shoe, get insoles.
From: J.A., NY

Comments: Good Skate just replace the pad with a shoe one or jellin thing then it feels amazing
From: Kev

Comments: I had these for about 1 month and I like them very much. Very comfortable skates, the padding around the ankle is great. Overall a great skate for the price. Only complaints are that they are a bit heavy (compared to my previous pair) and the wheels aren't the best. Most of mine are wearing just fine, but I have one that is beginning to wear a long line right in the middle of the wheel. I would recommend these for anyone looking for a comfortable pair of skates and plays no more than 2-3 times per week. Replace the bearings with a better set and you'll be able to fly. I replaced the mission bearings on the skates with Swiss bearings I bought last year and they are much better.
From:  Tony, PA, USA

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