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Comments: I have had these skates for around 2 monthes now and I must say, these skates are GREAT! The overall feel of the skate is superior to any other inline skat I have ever owned (Tour, Mission, Bauer XR2). The ABEC 9 bearings that your Lebeda roll on are VERY impressive for the price of the skates. It has a VERY strong Aluminum Chasis. The X-Soft Labeda wheels that come on the skates are far more impress than any other wheels in this price range. Cant wait to roll on these skates when i upgrade to Bones Swiss bearings. Bauer did a very nice job with this skate.

Sturdy Design
Great Material
Solid Chassis
Great Wheels and Bearings
Fantastic Feel
Good Responsive Skate
Great Fit (For Me)

CONS: Not much padding (still very comfortable though)
From: Andy, IN

Comments: By far the best skates i have ever used! The boots gave me blisters at first but once i broke them in they were perfect! if you buy these online i would highly recommend getting them heat fitted at your local shop. The wheels and bearings were alright but i prefer Revision wheels over Lebada any day. I switch the wheels out for some Revision variant pluses and the bearings for some bones super reds for the perfect combination of speed and grip!
From: Tyler, PA

Comments: These are SUPERB skates for a high school roller hockey player like myself! I've had them for about 6 months and they still work like brand new.
-boot is incredibly durable and strong. I never feel shots to the feet anymore.
-wheels are perfect for indoor play, and I weigh ~150lbs.
-the bearings are smooth as glass (recommend lubing them every month or so with lube from IW and washing them every few months with Sonic Citrus bearing cleaner also from IW)
-laces are strong; no fraying or tearing or any visible wear so far
-very responsive skates; you can stop very fast and turn on a dime

only CON (and this is minor) is the padding inside the boot is minimal compared to most skates of the same level

I replaced the factory insoles with Superfeet insoles, so I can't comment on the insoles.

***If you can, go to a hockey pro shop and try these on to find the perfect size for you. Try to get the tightest fit you can handle that doesn't hurt your foot. As you break in the skate, the boot will start to mold to your foot for a wonderfully snug fit.
From: MC Roller Hawks, GA

Comments: Great skates, i loved them the first time i used them. i would reccomend these skates to anyone looking for a new pair o inline skates.
From: Anthony, Gold Coast, Australia

Comments: The skates are good light and come with some pretty decent wheels and bearings out of
the box. Playing on sport court I got about 12 weeks out of the wheels before they
started to crack and chunk up ( I am about 190lbs). The bearings are smooth and quick
as long as you maintance them properly. Overall this is a good skate for any rec league
and even for advance level of play.
From: Brian, CO

Comments: These are very, very similar to the RX25's.  Great skate for you bauer vapor fans out there. Quick break-in period, I did bake mine before using though.  My only two criticisms are that the skate is slightly heavy and that the tongue is very thin. The bearing and wheels are quality as well.  For the price, these skates are well worth it. But, if you have a larger budget - go with the XR5 or XRpremiers.
From: Joe, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: These skates ride so smooth it is sweet i recomend this skate for any intermidiet skater
From: Andrew

Comments: Just got my Bauer XR4's and love them already!!!! I did the heat mold as instructed in the user manual and they fit like a glove! They are so light and easily manueverable. Coming from Tour Thor LX5 skates, these Bauer's make skating so much easier and enjoyable! They are worth every penny you pay for them! Seriously consider buying these for someone who wants a great skate at not a steep price!
From: JON, PA

Comments: Let me first premise this review by saying that the last pair of skates I've bought were Bauer 3000 supremes with the Tuuk Shifter 2 frames. I loved those skates and wore them for the last 12 years through competitive travel leagues and adult beer leagues! (they don't make em like they used to)Unfortunately, I had to retire them recently. With that said, I couldn't warrant paying more than $300 for a pair of skates. I have to say at this price point, the XR4s are worth it. Easy break in, and played a full game and pretty much forgot they were on. Light as a feather, comfortable and really responsive when shifting weight. I would highly recommend these to any intermediate or advanced player on a budget.
From: Mardee, CA

Comments: Great skates! I have had them for about 2 years and they are
still in great shape. Very comfortable and easy to break in. the Wheels
are good at first but they wear down easily and lose grip.  I would
definitely recommend these skates to a friend.
From: Sandy, Centennial, CO, USA

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