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Ive been wearing my old Bauer, all leather interior, ice hockey boot on a very strong, milled chassis for about 10 years now. They are perfectly formed to my feet and very comfortable.
Occasionally ive tried on other skates, but cant get away from the comfort and speed I have in my old Bauers.

I finally decided to try on some new skates and decided to order them online since Inline Warehouse has such a good return policy and prices.
I had every belief that I would be returning them, not being satisfied with something about the skate.
And heres the results.

Out of the box upon first skate, they felt a little stiff (which is good) and they had a quick glide to them.
Not yet convinced, I then skated them for a one hour practice, and there was no lag in their speed. They felt as quick and responsive as my old ones, and I havent even taken out and relubed the barrings yet.

Now ive worn them for 4 games and 9 practices.
And I gotta tell ya, they have proved all of my concerns wrong.
They have felt great from the first practice and still until this last (ninth) practice. No rubbing parts of my feet sore, no ankle soreness getting used to new skates, just a little footbed ache due to the very thin insole. But I bought the yellow Superfeet insoles and the comfort is primo. I have 21 hours in them so far and I am happy with them.
I am not even going to bake them since they are already so comfortable and forming to my foot so well.
I am about 200lbs. Hockey skate 3 days a week. Shoe size is 10 and a wide foot and the Bauer skate size 8.5EE is perfect.

I would definitely buy this skate again and will recommend it to friends.
Thank you Inline Warehouse for your great "how to" videos to help ensure we get the right equipment the first time.
From: Shad, San Diego, CA

Comments: Comments:Bauer makes a great skate and the Vapor XR5 is one of the best they have to offer. It is a comfortable boot very durable. The Hi-Lo wheel design is great for speed and maneuverability. If you like Bauer ice skates, these are the skates for you. It's as if they took off the blade and replaced it with wheels. I would highly recommend these skates to anyone looking for a top of the line pair of roller skates.
From: Josh, HI

Comments: This is a fantastic value offering from Bauer. Very few people would ever
need more skate than this. The boot is the same thing as the Vapor X5.0 ice skate-
very liteweight and stiff with an extremely comfortable synthetic liner. I have that
boot and think it is more comfortable than my RX60 skate. The frame is lite and
strong aluminum, actually much stronger than magnesium in many ways and the
skate has Swiss bearings-really the best rating available. Lastly the Labeda D3 wheel
is a great wheel that is sure to impress and offer adaquate performance for any
skater. This skate could easily have been a top of the line skate 5 years ago and still
now is a fantastic offering at a reasonable price when compared to top skates that
are now costing $600-$800+
From: Matt, CO

Comments: This is a great skate from Bauer. Extremely durable, very comfortable and fits like a glove. Last years model didn't fit me quite right and I'm glad I waited for this years skate. I work at a rink 5-6 days a week, sometimes multiple sessions a day, and play 2 days a week and I've not had any problems with this skate. I swapped out the wheels on the skate for some Addictions, but that's a personal preperence and b/c I'm a heavier guy at 190. The upgrade to the APXR isn't really worth it for $300 more just to get the Addiction wheels, Mag chassis, and an optional strip of small padding in the toe cap. This is definately a major upgrade for the money over the XR4 for an advanced level player looking to take their game to the next level. The Mission Swiss LE bearings are a little slow in comparison to some other brands of Swiss bearings, but are still quite fast (I currently use Bevo's Swiss, but prefer BSB's Swiss which is the best I've ever rolled on)
From: Eric, Cali

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