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Comments: Awesome skates! Felt great as soon as i put them on. No baking was required for me. They were lighter than my old bauer vapor skates. I love them so far and are holding up very well. Looking forward to skating with these for a while.
From: James, Tinley Park, IL

Comments: When I first got these skates, my feet hurt a little bit, but I think it's because I never got the chance to bake them. After a couple skates with them, the pain went away and I could feel a great difference in speed right away. I got so much faster and my skating form even changed with them. These skates are magic and they've really helped me with my season.
From: Lyusyen, San Diego, CA

Comments: I have had my skates for a year now and I am glad that the tacks are back. One bake and I was good to go.  The skates are light, responsive and durable (I play twice a week).  If they still have your size pick up a pair.
From: Jim, Seattle, WA

Comments: Have had these for about a month and skated on them 5 times. Baked them after the 2nd skate because my feet were hurting bad. I can only skate for 10-15 minutes at a time and I then I have to take them off, wait for the pain to subside then go back out for 10-15 minutes, and repeat. I am trying to keep breaking them in but I am at the point where I just don't think that these are for me. I am wearing size 9.5 EE. If the pain goes away I will write another/update this review if I can. If you have a somewhat wide foot I don't think that these skates are for you. I also have a very high arch, not sure maybe that is a contributing factor.
From: Jordan, Las Vegas, NV

Comments: Post-break in review..... I had to exchange these for an 8.5 size. Unfortunately my foot is a E width, but these skates are only offered in D and EE. Punching them out and more heat molding did nothing for the foot cramping.
From: Anonymous

Comments: Big fan of CCM, even with my RBZs when I saw these were back I picked them up. I immediately noticed a difference in the turn radius, light weight and response. The forward-profile is great in addition to the Attack Frame.I didn't experience any pinching. There was some discomfort because I took these out of the box into a game situation (with only 1 bake session), so don't tamper with your laces. Wear them as you'll play in them.I recommend 1-2 baking sessions to get the custom fit right as well as a hard practice session to get them fitted well.

Pros: - Lightweight and durable - Great blade design and turning radius - Noticeable response in forward/offence

Cons: - Needs time to get through the initial 'stretch' - Not as responsive when skating backwards (but still good)

Edit: After a full season in these, it took quite some time to get used to and fitted the way I like it. I also had to tinker with my lacing style a bit but I'm happy with these.If you have a wide foot, I recommend going to another brand or seeing a specialist. Don't go to a local "we have everything" shop. Go to a hockey-specialty store and have them fit skates just for you. These skates have a very unique fit. If you can get a size that's good for you, then you won't be dissapointed. But these aren't a universal fit for everyone.

From: Azim, Toronto, Canada

Comments: Currently running RBZ skates. I did my first skate today at my local rink. First impression are the following: heel lock keep feet locked in place but I had to loosen my skates to eliminate pinch. Feel very light and more explosive from stand still compared to my RBZ. Backwards skating was mire responsive and fast. It feels like I've gained an extra step. Also, fairly comfortable. Happy so far on first skate. Should get better after break in.

From: Chris R, San Jose, CA

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