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Comments: Purchased these a little over a month ago from IW and have not been satisfied with the product. Let's start with what's good: the skates look great. Very nice design and colors. The wheels that came with it are probably the best I've ever skated (I skate on a pretty rough outdoor surface). They've been used for at least five lengthy games and are still looking pretty darn new. I have narrow feet and (of course) found the skates to be a bit wide right out of the box. After following the suggested baking instructions, I got them to fit pretty well, or so I thought. I found that they stayed nice and tight for the first 15 mins or so of play, then they would loosen up significantly. After about three weeks of this, the boots began to bend around the ankle area. I should note that the boot is of pretty low quality and offers very little protection. It is not very stiff at all. The shots I've taken off the boots left me in worlds of pain, as the protection of the boot felt to be little more than regular tennis shoes. Nowadays the boots are bent so badly that I can hardly balance. I would not recommend these to anybody. Perhaps if you find an exact perfect fit, they might suit you well. Unfortunately I am out of luck and will have to throw down the money to get some Bauers, which have always worked for me in the past.
From: Kevin, FL

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