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Comments: I bought this beauty and I've been using it for about three months now. I call it my Sniper Rifle. I never really had a good slap shot before this stick, now I'm shooting lazer's from the point. It's super light, I am definately dribbling the puck allot faster. Great BANG for the buck. Ill be upgrading to the Stage 2 as soon as I can
From: Jesse, Oakland, CA

Comments: You won't find a better stick at this price point. I came to this stick after using the Easton V5E. I became frustrated that Easton doesn't offer an option between the V5E and top of the line models which run over two bills, so I gave this a shot. Although both the V5E and RBZ 80 weigh approximately the same, the RBZ 80 has much better balance/is not blade heavy. The result is noticeable and makes it feel like a much higher end stick. The flex points feel like that of a tradition/mid kick stick. The flex feels a little softer than Easton (I use 100 in both). Overall, this is my first CCM stick after using Easton for many years and I am pleasantly surprised with the performance and will likely purchase another one.
From: Paul, Boston, MA

Comments: The RBZ 80 stick is phemonenal! I can really fell the the pop on my shot and it is very comfortable in my hands. I was a bit skeptical at first since I never used
ccm stick, but it is now the best stick that I have used. I reccomend this stick to anyone looking for a stick that provides a balance between power and accuracy.

P.s. The variable kick point is a great feature
From: Trevor, Florham Park, NJ


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