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CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insoles

Comments: These are WAY better than Superfeet Yellow.... I tried both and Superfeet has such a high arch is cramps the feet. I'm a medium arch and the CCM Customs were so comfortable I didn't even know I Had feet.
From: AB, Toronto, Ont

Comments: I've never purchased insoles for my skates before, however , after purchasing the Bauer X90R's and experiencing discomfort with the stock footbed, I purchased the Medium arch CCM's insoles and the superfeet. When testing them out the superfeet didn't align properly with the arches of my feet and the CCM's felt more customized due to the ability to choose what type of arch you have. After using these for the first time during a game, the adjustment period was non-existent. It feels "different" than the stock insoles that come in your skates, but it was for the better. I had less discomfort at the bottom of my feet and wish I had purchased these sooner for other skates.

I would highly recommend this product and think they are worth the price tag.
From: John, New York

Comments: Awesome insoles. I went with the Medium and it was a perfect match. I liked these so much I grabbed another pair to put in my roller hockey skates. It does take a few minutes to get used to them as your foot feels different the first time you skate with them in, but it's a very wise investment! Also, they do take up a small amount of volume but not enough to change the fit of the skate, at least in my case.
From: Jason, Los Angeles, CA

Comments: Before getting these insoles I used Superfeet for 4 years and loved them, my local hockey store was out of Superfeet so I was recomended to try these and I can honestly say that these insoles are unbeliveably comforatble. I would recomend these to everyone to use, just make sure you know what kind of insole you need.
From: Andrew, Iowa

Comments: Have to say that these are really good insoles! I've tried superfeet and shock doctor insoles and I've always changed back to the original insole. My feet would always get this slow ache at the front when using these insoles. After determining what kind of arch I had I went with the medium. It took a minute or two get them into my Mako skates. During my first game with these insoles I felt no discomfort at all. The insoles did take up a little bit of space so I changed to thin socks and things were good. I think CCM has done a great job coming out with these and I would recommend buying them. Money well spent!
From: Glenn, Vancouver

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