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CCM FM580 White Hockey Helmet Cage

Comments: I hands down am in love with this cage. I use to use a Bauer fishbowl, which I liked, but it fogged up a little to much. That's is why I bought this cage. It gives a sick look on the ice, is very comfortable, and also helps your vision on the ice. This is because of how the cage is white, and Thebes's ice is, which makes it blend together giving you a good contrast to see the puck while having your head up. I recommend buying this cage over a fishbowl for these reasons.
From: Jackson, Woodstock, MD

Comments: Hands down, this cage is perfect. It fits on any helmet and looks good. Phil Kessel could put this cage on and he would turn into Leonardo Dicaprio. I mean it straight up looks so good. and its comfortable. Great fit too. Love this cage, wouldnt use anything else.
From: Drew, Warrington, PA

Comments: I've been using this cage for 3 years now and it's hands down the best cage on the market! My first reason for this is because it is very versatile meaning it can fit practically every helmet. For example it has fit on my Warrior Krown PX3, Bauer Reakt, and my current helmet Bauer Reakt 75. My second reason being that it looks really good with pretty much any type of color helmet. My third reason being when you look through it, due to the metal bars on the cage being white it blends in with the ice more when you're looking anywhere on the ice. Also being white, the puck is obviously black so the contrast between the puck and the white on the cage makes it really easy to spot the puck to get an edge over opponents by winning races to the puck due to spotting it before them. My fourth and final reason is durability. This cage has lasted me 3 years and counting, and i've taken redirected shots and dump ins straight to the cage with little to no damage. Overall if you're a very picky person with what brand you use, and you don't use ccm to being with, this is a must have ccm product even if you're very biased towards certain brands when purchasing equipment.

From: Evan, MI

Comments: I bought this cage from IW recently and I personally love it! This cage looks amazing on the ice, with or without cage hang preferably with hang), it has good vision and its is comfortable. However, if your just getting it for the sake of getting it, then
listen to what I have to say as their are two problems I have experienced. I bought this cage to replace my Bauer 2100, which was a
silver cage. This cage, in my opinion has the best looks, and it stands out from the crowd and on the ice. The vision I get from the 580, honestly isn't much different compared to my old cage. The white is very nice, and you don't think about it when your playing, but the was only a slight difference compared between the 2 cages, not a drastic one like I thought there would be. This cage also features
nice straps, and a chin cup. One problem I have heard, and experiencedi s that facial hair can get stuck in the chin cup, and it is annoying at first, but this feeling goes away, and I cannot personally still feel it. Another is that the chin cup, gets very wet when you get water on it, and takes time to dry. On ice I don't feel it, but it is a problem I have noticed. I own a Bauer 5100 helmet, and I think this cage looks good on it, and fits well. Overall, I love this cage, and if you have to money to buy it, its worth it.
From: Daman

Comments: This is easily the best looking cage on the market, especially in white. The vision on the FM580 cage is really overrated. I've owned the Bauer 9900 and 7500 cage, and I personally think the vision is better on those cages compared to the FM580.
From: LP, CO

Comments: To be honest the only reason I got this was because it looked great in white. But then I discovered that it is really strong and does not lessen your vision on the ice.
From: Ali

Comments: Hands down best cage on the market, you get the best looking cage as well it has sick style and you have great vision of the ice. Best cage I have used.
From: Anonymous

Comments: Whatever helmet you get, you need to put this cage on! It looks sick! It also has great vision. I remember my Bauer cage had like two bars going down the middle which was very unnecessary and distracted me. The chin cup is comfortable and protective! snaps are easy to clip on. Best cage iv used. It is worth it
From: Peter

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