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CCM Resistance Hockey Helmets

Comments: This is a great helmet.  It has great adjustability which helps you customize it to your head.  It is the lightest helmet that I have owned, but it does not feel like the quality or protection has been sacrificed to achieve the weight.  Also, the padding is GREAT!  Other helmets' padding would come loose and fall out....not this padding!  I have owned many helmets before, but this helmet ensures that I will only buy CCM from now on.
From: Ray, Wheeling, WV

Comments: I always have loved CCM helmets.  This one is the best I have ever worn, very light, amazing protection. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great helmet.
From: Marcus, San Ramon, CA

Comments: I love the fit and feel of CCM helmets.  This resistance helmets offer amazing protection and comfort.
From: Jason, Ballston Spa, NY 

Comments: Super comfortable and goof adjustments. Very classic feeling and has prevent concussion for me before. Personally love the foam. It has helped stop my head from twisting up inside. It goes with any gear and looks classy.
From: Reno, Livonia, MI

Comments: I have been using this bucket for a while now and it lives up to everything that CCM stands for. Its one of, if not the lightest helmet I've used. Besides being the coolest looking helmet on the market, its protection is second to none. Everyone hits the ice eventually so you might as well protect your head. If you enjoy playing hockey, don't give up the game because of concussions. This helmet is easy to adjust so it can fit anyones dome easily.
From: Robert, Tonawanda, NY

Comments: This helmet fits great and is very comfortable.  It protects me from the dusty benders trying to rail me lol.  Thanks CCM
From: John, Morristown, NJ

Comments: Great fit and easy to adjust - high level of protection but not overly bulky or heavy.
From: Eric, Ann Arbor, MI

Comments: I've had this helmet for 2 months and haven't had any problems. Such an amazing product and couldn't imagine life without it. I wear it everywhere, even grocery shopping.
From: Gianmarco, New York, NY

Comments: This helmet is a great fit.  Have been using ccm for 15 years never a bad experience.
From: Matt, Plainville, CT

Comments: Absolutely love this helmet.  I had a reebok and warrior known before and this is by far the most comfortable one and as far as I'm concerned most protective.  Things is built like a tank and has taken a few solid hits without incident.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a helmet.
From: Colin, Los Angeles, CA

Comments: This helmet fits great and the protection is awesome. I have owned the CCM vector 08 and a Bauer IMS 9.0 and this is by far the most comfortable helmet I have had to date and Given that I have had a concussion in the past this was an easy choice to help protect my head. Great product
From: MC, Portland, OR

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