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CCM RBZ 70 Ice Hockey Skates Sr

Comments: Bought this pair for my son - never experienced any of the issues listed above. Skates were a great investment - good quality for the price - especially now at the cost IW is offering. If you are looking for an awesome skate for your player to grow out of, this is the skate. You will be more than happy with the feel and comfort -
From: Bill, Yarmouth, ME

Comments: Great bang for the buck,  just started playing hockey again and wanted a good quality skate that wouldn't break the bank... very happy with this skates...
From: Sergio, USA

Comments: I got a pair of the RBZs after over 15 years away from the game and have loved them.  Very comfortable and have held up well.  Slight issue with a loose runner, but overall decent skate for the price.
From: Greg, Baltimore, MD

Comments: I bought after not skating for about 20 years to get back into inline hockey. First skate they were super comfortable. There was a spot in my left boot that gave me a little discomfort in my arch but that has subsided since. I am happy with these skate. Fairly limited break in period. I liked the look when I bought these as they were different from the plain black skates that are the base for most skates out there. So far I like them.
From: Kevin, Woodstock, GA

Comments: The skates are good for the price, but I've used them for a half season and they are already wearing down. The rivets are coming off and there is parts the runner and holder is coming off the boot. I would still recommend these for a younger or less serious player.
From: Nick, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Comments: I had the same issue as above. Both back rivets on each skate came loose within the first month. Luckily they were covered by warranty. I really liked the skates but I didn't want to roll the dice again so I paid a little more and went with the Bauer supreme one. 7. Hopefully they will last longer then a month. I am a bigger guy and probably could benefit from a stiffer boot. The staff at ice warehouse were great through the whole process. I play about 2-3 times a week and prior to the new rbz's I had old ccm classics which are entry level skates at best and never had a problem. Not quite sure how you triple the expense and get a cheaper constructed product. Oh well to Bauer I go.
From: Tim, Pekin, IL

Comments: loved these rbz's until the bottom rivet started coming out. got them fixed at a hockey shop once but it came loose i see another one coming loose and also a seam coming apart. i've only used these for about a month and a half.until the problems came on i loved them. super comfy, and they got the part right about the tight turning radius. i'd love to recommend these but with all the problems iv'e run into i probably would'nt get the 70's again.
From: Tucker, Carson City, MI

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