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Comments: I'm here to tell ya that this stick is LEGIT! I've used a lot of high end sticks (se16, Totalone, Apx, Widow)and this stick fires just as hard, if not harder than most. I really loved the Apx, but the blade gave out on two of them, then exploded on a onetimer. For the price this stick is a no brainer for the player playing in a beer league. Puck feel is great. It feels pretty well balanced, maybe a bit blade heavy, but nothing to cry about. Great shaft dimensions. Quite blowing money on the expensive sticks and hook up the RBZ 60.
From: Just a hockey dude

Comments: So far only used it for 2 pickup games, a beer league game, and a couple of skate and shoot sessions, and let me just say that I am loving everything about it so far. Not getting paid to play hockey makes buying the high price point sticks (like the CCM RBZ) not an option for me. That being said, at the price point CCM placed this product in, it seemingly destroys the competition. Puck feel is real good, passes are crisp and wrist shots come off the blade nice and fast. I find it much easier to load this stick up than the low kickpoint sticks I've used in the past for slap shots (acts more like a mid kick stick for those shots), but also a nice quick release when taking snap shots and wristers too. Let's just say I was skeptical about the constant flex shaft hype, but it seems to be the real thing.
From: Paul, Hockeytown, USA

Comments: Great stick with top of the line features and good weight for the price point. Can't wait to test the durability but so far great stick by CCM.
From: Tarek

Comments: Decided to give the RBZ60 a try after hearing such great things about the RBZ, but not wanting to pay the price. Honestly, could not be happier. The $100-$120 price range is one of the more competitive market segments currently and CCM came with both guns blazing. Stick offers great balance, though not the lightest in the segment, it's not noticeable because of the great balance. Almost reminds me of the Original Stealth sticks in that way. The kick-point does take some getting use to, but once you find out how to load it properly for each shot, it's a rocket. The puck feel is better than the high-end sticks of just a couple years ago. The only downfall would be the grip and it being the only option. You do get use to it, but it would be nice to see both grip and non-grip as options. Overall, well worth the money and possibly the best series of sticks to come out of CCM in a long time.
From: Chris, Halifax, NS

Comments: I own both the RBZ and RBZ60 and I'm very impressed with the performance of each. I've been playing around with a variety of sticks to get a feel for what I like and no stick I've used has felt like the RBZ line. The variable flex has to be the best feature, shared by both sticks. No matter what the situation is, you're able to load the stick from wherever your hand is placed. This has helped add noticeable power and speed to my passes and shots, which can make all the difference out on the ice. The RBZ60 is heavier than its sibling (RBZ), due to the foam core blade. The blade itself offers the same puck feel as the CCM sticks I was using before (U+ line), but the shaft offers the same performance as the RBZ. The combination of these features makes it the perfect middle ground between the old and new for CCM. The appearance of the stick is very similar to the RBZ. To notice the differences, you really have to look for them, such as the area where the RBZ60's blade is fused to the shaft or the different graphics. CCM paid a lot of attention to ensure both sticks received the same caliber paint job and look. Finally, the only "complaints" I have apply to both the RBZ and RBZ60. First, the white paint gets marked up easily by the puck. I had to switch from taping the toe half of the blade (my personal preference), to taping to whole blade, in order to preserve the clean look. The other is that the sticks only come in "grip", which at times interferes with the way I'm holding the stick. Overall, I love the stick. For a little less than half the price of the RBZ, you get a great stick in the RBZ60, which performs and looks almost identically.
From: Patrick

Comments: Great stick. Would recommend to anyone
From: Brandon

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