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Comments: Great stick for outdoor courts. Decent weight for a non-composte. Does not hold up well with a lot of slaps. First stick broke fairly quickly but after I stopped practicing slaps with it the second one has last a good while. All in all I think this is a decent stick for a decent price. At 25 bucks i think its a deal.
From: Ken L., Glen Allen, VA

Comments: Love this stick. I play outdoor roller on smooth concrete and street on a tennis court and it is great for both. It is also my two favors colors in red and black. I have tried some other sticks but this one has great puck feel and great durability.
From: ??

Comments: Comments:This is a nice stick and I really liked the feel. perfect height for a 6' player on skates. Scored more goals with this stick than any other but the blade split down the middle and then the shaft I like the stick but I might have got a lemon...ordering another one!
From: Ben, Charlotte, NC

Comments: Nice durable, light stick. Stick seems shorter but perfect for me. Recommended for outdoors.
From: Mark

Comments: I love this stick soooooooooo much. Proa, 1. a sick design/color, 2. with me being a shorter player perfect length didnt even have to cut it. The one con is that they only have one blade curve, i wish they had a crosby curve on it.
From: Louie

Comments: I bought 2 of these for my brother and i to mess around out front when we can't get on the ice. I love the stick. Great feel. The blade holds up great on our rough street. The nugent-hopkins curve is killer for sick wristers. The only complaint I have is that after a few slappers the blade started seperating where the plastic and wood are fused together. It deff takes some power away from the shot as the blade can now flex a lot more. It almost seems as if the blade will snap off any day now. Let's hope not. Other than that, great outdoor stick
From: Chris

Comments: I love this stick for outdoor play. For wood, its actually pretty light. I use it as the outdoor counterpart to my bauer supreme one30 (with a similar curve), totally comparable. Long shaftis great for taller or defensive players but the blade is wicked for wrist shots and decent puck handling. Cant beat the price!
From:   Rob, Eureka, CA

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