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Comments: These elbows are really nice and light and seem to give decent protection, the downside for me is that i don't really like how the "elbow pocket" feels and they seem to run
really small. I am 6'4 240 and they Large elbow pads seem a little tight on me but def do not slide down my arm.. I am coming from the RBK 7K size 6 elbows which feel loose and do slide down my arm.
From: Dustin, San Jose, CA 

Comments: These elbows pads are the best ones I ever had. Super light weight and good mobility. However, after 1 year of use, the insoles and under layer were ripped and torn off. I emailed CCM and they were able to send me a replacement. Good customer service.
From: Arthur, Vancouver, Canada

Comments: CCM definitely stepped up their game with their protective equipment! These elbow pads are the best ones I've purchased so far. I went through JOFA,RBK pros, Bauer One95's and these are very light, comfortable and the grip inside keeps them placed on the elbows! Highly recommend these.
From: Tony, CA

Comments: Love how light and moisture resistant these are. However, the L run very tight and small. I am 6'2, 225 lbs. I am in a size Large CCM CL Elbow Pad. I can just barely secure all of the straps. My forearms are 13 inch, 14 inch biceps. I am not carrying python arms by any account of the imagination, just proportionate arms of what a 6'2 athletic guy ought to have (maybe a bit on the smallish side actually). If I do not strap the middle strap, then I get a good, secure fit. I knew that the pads would run short, and planned on wearing wrist guards anyway, so that is not a big issue. The tightness will not be an issue either, but if your arms are bigger than mine, then these may not be the elbow pads for you.
From: Cosmic, Indonesia

Comments: I have a friend who bought a pair and let me try them on and feel in love instantly, What turned me onto these elbow pads was the smooth edge
the elbow has, I really dislike the ones that have a protruding elbow and interfere with jersey fits. You get a lot of freedom and protection from these. Would recommend highly
From: Peter, CA

Comments:  Best elbows out to date, very light and comfortable. They lock into place well too. Only issue I have is on the one locking strap the neoprene material is starting to break down, but I'd still get another pair.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Very light weight, good protection but size large is slightly small for my arm. Wish they came in XL. You may want to consider the Reebok for a more fuller coverage of the forearm.
From: Al, NY

Comments: Amazingly light and a fantastic fit! Had trouble with other brands sliding down. Slash guard is just the right size, and not too long like other high-end elbow pads. Upper arm guard fits tight, so makesure it sits below your shoulder pad bicep guard, or will fit underneath it.
From: Chad, CA

Comments: So comfortable and super light!
From: Noah, Canada

Comments: Best elbow pads on the market. SOO light!!
From: Brody

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