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Comments: These are probably the best beer league/gentlemanly checking shoulder pads on the market right now. Ridiculously light and mobile, don't get in the way of your shooting motion and have a fairly big neck opening so the clavicle guards don't bunch up against your neck. I've taken spills and hits and they've held up really well. I wear these with a girdle and there is a pretty sizable gap in protection around my spine, but nothing a padded shirt doesn't fix. The only annoying thing about these pads is that its tedious to put a jersey on because it gets caught in the floating back guard. Probably the best (very reasonable!) long-term investment I've made after my skates and girdle. Snatch these up if you can!
From: Nathan, CA

Comments: 6'2, 225 lbs, went with XL, and they fit perfectly. Love the moisture repulsion on these. I sweat like someone of a certain ethnicity (which I happen to be), and when I take these off, the sweat is sitting there waiting to be wiped away. A bit on the short side, as these with the XL CL pants leave about a 4 inch gap, but no worries as I am a winger and do not plan on getting in the way or any shots.
From: Cosmic, Indonesia

Comments: Insanely light, in fact they are so light you wonder if they can protect. I have had no issues with protection and mobility is pretty good. However I didn't like the shoulder caps on these. I went down to the U+ 12 and found these to be perfect for me, but I only play in beer leagues now so needing a bigger shoulder cap isn't really needed.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Bought these shoulder pads earlier this year. They feel very light, very mobile. My last set of shoulder pads were fairly entry level and didn't provide much protection but were mobile and light. These new pads are just as light and mobile, but tons of protection. I also like that I never feel hot in these pads and they soak up the sweat like other pads do since the material doesn't let water in. I was a bit worried about the long term quality of the pads since they seem light and cheap, although they are totally not and after wearing them probably twice a week for a year, still seem perfect, no rips or stitching issues.
From: Mike, WA

Comments: These shoulder pads are simply amazing! I don't think it's possible to achieve a better balance of weight and protection. I abandoned my Bauer Vapor APX shoulder pads after trying these on. Not shown in this picture, the height of the bicep guard is now adjustable, and there is also an additional elastic strap connecting the outside of the bicep guard to the bottom of the shoulder cap, which helps keep the shoulder cap snugly fit to your shoulder.
From: Chad, CA

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