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Drymax Lite Hockey Skate Socks Regular Cut

Comments: I used the gray easton skate socks previously and for what I paid for them I wasn't impressed. This skate sock is really well made and functions exactly as advertised. It even fits all the way up my calf and stays in place the entire game. For the price I highly recommend this product.
From: Ollie, Phoenix, AZ

Comments: Bought this sock after reading the good reviews. I'm not that happy with it. It's supersuper thin. You can see trough it! So maybe your feet aren't that sweaty, but your boots (that are a lot harder to clean) have to soak up all te sweat. I normally use skisocks (keep moist in them but don't feel moist) and i'll keep using them.
From: John

Comments: Good socks, have been using them for years! Have both black and white!
From: Brandon, Irving, TX

Comments: Bought this product after reading some of the reviews here. These are high quality skate socks, the fabric repels moisture, my feet stays dry after. I wouldn't go back to traditional cotton sport socks
From: Eric

Comments: A great hockey sock that offers exactly what you want. It does a great drop of moisture wicking and keeps my feet dry throughout a game. The length is great as you can pull them up to your knee and have them underneath your shinguards wicking moisture away from them as well. The material and construction are top notch as I've worn my pair for 3+ games a week for 7 months and they have shown no signs of wear or fraying. The padding along the lace bite area is comfortable but unobtrusive. The sock is a bit thicker than many hockey socks, but still thinner than a typical athletic sock. Overall a great buy that I will make again when I need to.
From: Steve

Comments: I really like this sock. I have worn it thrice and I have to say I am divided between this one and the Bauer Premium Performance sock. You really can't go wrong. Great sock and great fit. It is a little thicker but by no means a thick sock. I would buy it again.
From: Adres

Comments: Great sock! The bottom of my feet are completely dry after playing. Comfy fit in skate boot too.
From: EB

Comments: GREAT STOCK. It is very comfortable, with padding in key areas like the ankle and heel. Extends all the way to the knee. It is slightly on the thick side compared to other skate socks but by no means too thick. I would definitely recommend it!
From: ??

Comments: High quality sock and very comfortable. It is thicker than some other hockey socks, so if you prefer thin I'd probably try something else. But overall, it is a really good sock that keeps your feet dry. I have been using these 3x a week for over two months, washed after each use, and they still look and feel brand new.
From: Ken, San Mateo, CA

Comments: After trying to find the perfect sock. I think I've found it with this pair. The flat seams are great & the way it locks your heel is awesome. A little bit thicker then I liked at first, but after a few skates, I'm sold.
From: Chris, Bayport, NY, USA

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