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Comments: I believe the Easton Mako is a quality stick and a great buy, especially for this low price plus free shipping. I have been using this stick for a while now on the college level and it still is holding up and as a defenseman i take a lot of slappers. This is a great buy from a great site. Can't beat free shipping!
From: Vinny, FL

Comments: I feel like this stick lives up to the expectations. I like a stick with good feel, and thats what i get with the mako. I got an SE16 for this reason, and the mako is even better than that.
From: Chad, PA

Comments: Heard a lot of both positive and negative opinions prior to purchasing the Mako but after fooling around with it a bit at the pro shop I decided to give it a try. Overall I like the feel of the stick. I got it w/o the grip and the "matte' finish provides a really nice, smooth texture. I heard the blade was on the heavier side and while observing it in the shop I didn't really notice it much. However, 45 minutes into a relatively relaxed pick-up game I did start to notice that the blade, now with water-drenched tape and a coating of ice, become quite noticeably heavy and weighed down. The stick is not very well balanced in my opinion but its not too bad. I've heard a lot people complaining about their Mako breaking fairly easy but mine has managed to make it a few months now without any problems. I do like the feel when handling the puck and I can shoot the puck just as well as any other stick I use. Overall I think the Mako is a great stick but the heavy blade and lack of balance is a bit of a deal breaker for me. As far as a rating goes I would have to give it 7/10.
From: Matt, Boise, ID

Comments: Comments:Mako is very light and responsive high end stick. Recently switching from reebok 11k to mako was a good move. The mako feels better in the hands and more responsive when stick handling. It's hard to find and stick with a quality twig these days with all the brands out there. Trying out all the high ends brands has finally let me to the mako and I'm glad it has. No regrets purchasing this stick and it helps when you're stick is the talk on the pond. Must buy.
From: Eric, Williamstown, NJ

Comments: The Easton mako... great for handling the puck, great for snapping the puck. Not too Heavy, Not too light, just right for stick handling. great for anyone on the ice. this hockey stick may be for you! Pick Your Curve and Flex and have a great feel with the puck, WITH FAST HANDS!
From: Vern, Kugluktuk State, Canada

Comments: Personally I feel the Mako is an ST clone, they perform and play really similar. I think this is a very solid all around twig, especially if you have a wide range of shots. But what I like the most is the puck feel, I like it better than the APX actually. The only downside for me is the shaft dimension, it's too boxy and doesn't fit my small hands. If you are looking for a great lightweight, all around stick with a traditional shaft feel then definitely get the Mako.
From: Michael

Comments: Best stick I have ever owned. I've had the S19, SE16, Warrior, and Bauer sticks. Perfect balance, light, and a solid feel of a wood stick. If you miss the feel a wood stick has with the puck this is the stick for you.
From: Eric

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