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Comments: Great blade, but questionable quality. 2 shifts into the first game using I blocked a dump in attempt (more by accident than on purpose). Puck hit the upper portion of the shaft and caused a deep crack that eventually turned into a fracture. Luckily I'm getting the warranty replacement, actually a V9, but I'd never had that happen to any of my other sticks.
From: Michael, CT 

Comments: Good stick but the toe of the blade will break in 2 weeks or less happened to me twiceand 3 of my friends. It seems like all Easton sticks break and flake off at the toe
From: Rob

Comments: Flex: 85 Pattern: E4 Finish: Grip Aesthetics: The stick has a pretty nice look to it, although I have to admit I like the 1st generation Mako's graphics package a bit more. Having said that, the orange and white is a good combo. 8/10 Blade/Stickhandling/Receiving The puck feel was very good; the stick felt like an extension of your hands. Solid puck-dampening and an overall exceptional puck feel. 8.5/10 Shaft/Flex The flex is true to specs. The feel of the shaft is very comfortable and is not too boxy on the corners. 8.5/10 Shooting: I have been using low-kick sticks for the last couple of months, but after using the Mako II, I am reverting back. The kickpoint is excellent and provides great loading on your shot. The release is quick and accurate - the best part of the stick. 9.5/10 Weight and Balance: The weight and balance of this stick was very good. No issues to report. 9/10 Durability: I haven't used the stick long enough to give a fair rating here, but so far so go
od. TBD/10 Conclusion Overall I would say that the Mako II is a BIG win! It has great balance, feel and an excellent release. I would seriously consider this stick if you are a mid-kick player and if you are a low-kick or G3, I would still take a look at it. 9/10
From: Rich, PA

Comments: I believe the Mako II is the best stick I have used so far. It has just enough ping so I know where the puck is at all times and it shoots and passes more accurately than any stick I have used before. Effortless shooting is an understatement in my opinion. The E28 curve is phenomenal if you have the strength the really use a toe curve, if not it could be tough to get used to. Shoot from the heel on slap shots and it stays low, catch it just right from the toe and it's bar down.
From: Patrick, CA

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