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Comments: I've only had these skates for 2 days and I've skated in them for about 4 hours and straight away I found out what all the talk was all about. It was a pretty difficult task on putting them on because of the shape of the boot, but after a while you will get use to it. I was absolutely blown away with how well the fit was, it was almost close to perfect. I would recommend playing around with the lace tying a little bit however to adjust the tightness of the skates. (After dealing with slight compression in the tounge area). Skating around in the makos is such an amazing experience. I've never felt so sharp yet so easy flowing. Using the edges is an absolute wonder, doing nothing else but gripping and gripping. Also I would like to point out that the Makos are fast.... very fast. I would recommend these skates to anyone, but not everyone. These skates are narrow and the feel is incredibly weird. But I'm so glad I made the choice to wear these after living with bauers for over 2 years reffing hockey games up to four times a weekend. WAY TO GO EASTON!!
From: Adam, Perth, AUSTRALIA

Comments: What a tiny skate! I'm sure this would feel great to skate in, unfortunately there's no way I can get my foot into it. Word of advice: try in person/in store before you order online. This boot won't fit everyone!
From: Zim, Toronto, CAN

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