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Comments: I picked up a pair of these in case my primary skates broke down (Easton Synergy EQ 40s). The fit of the Makos is completely different than any of the skates I've ever worn. First, I highly advise baking these. They were extremely painful before baking them and didn't fit my foot at all. After baking, they were amazingly comfortable. I really like that the boot wraps around the foot to create a nice snug fit before cinching down the laces. I did have some problems with the arch of the boot as I'm flat footed, but I used superfeet insoles and they feel comfy now. They are pitched really far forward, but this quickly worked to my advantage as I found that I was skating and maneuvering a lot faster and with more control than I normally do. I was also more confident getting over the front of the skate while making hard cuts and transitions felt smoother. I can't speak on durability, but they seem to be well built. For the price they are now, I'd definitely look into snagging a
From: Darren, SC

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