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Comments: Great solid stick although I don't like it as much as the discontinued ST line. It's not as heavy nor as durable as I play a gritty, heavy shot game as a defenseman. Nice feel and release especially on difficult stretch passes.
From: Justin, FL

Comments: This stick has a good solid feel. It's not the lightest stick I've used but in no way is it a heavy stick. Felt good for snapshots. Really bummed that I spent a lot of money buying 2 of these and 2 weeks later the Mako 2 came out.
From: Stephen, CA

Comments: The Mako allows you to have a fantastic feeling for the puck while still providing a good release on wrist and snap shots. The only real problem with the stick is that like all sticks, the paint chips off from normal wear and tear which is normally no big deal but since the Mako is pure white, it's a lot more noticeable. Also, the durability of the Mako is not quite as reliable as the SE16 that the Mako line replaced. Other than that, great stick but don't expect it to stay pretty or last too long.
From: Rob

Comments: I am a hockey equipment junky and that includes sticks. So with that in mind, I have used several sticks on the market over the years and the Mako Grip is hands down the best stick I have used to date. I don't take big slap shots or wrist shots. I am all about the snap shot, and it seems like this stick was made for just that. Very accurate, very light, great feel and low kick point. Easton #welldone. Thanks!
From: Jeff NJ

Comments: I've had it about a month,its super light, has great movement. Stick handling and shot release would have to be the what stands out the most. If you got the cash its worth looking at. Only downfall so far, the blade end seems to chip easily and coated in a white paint which chips off also
From: Ernie

Comments: Better than Bauer's APX, it is now my "go to" stick. Best stick I've ever used!
From: Dave, AZ

Comments: Best way I can explain it is that it has the feel of a wood stick, but super light. Awesome feel of the puck receiving passes and shooting. Slap shot accuracy improved and more consistent as well. I have used the S19 for the last 2 years, and this stick feels just as light. Way to go Easton, you really delivered on this one!
From: Eric

Comments: Has a solid feel of a wood stick, but super lite. Great balance, and feel for the puck. All shot types seem more accurate and consistant. The puck just explodes off the blade, but cushions the passes received. Dream come true! Easton has really done it with this one. My S19's have moved to the bench waiting for their next shift.
From: Eric, PA

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