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Comments: This is a great stick. I love white sticks. They are nice and flashy, but unfortunately the paint comes off easily. This stick is very light and the flex is amazing. You can really get a lot of whip off your shot. Do not hesitate to but this stick. Thanks IW!
From: Logan, CA

Comments: I love this stick because it has the traditional feel to it
with more square corners. The flex is great, and hasn't worn out and
lost its flex (yet). I have an Iginla curve and this is now my absolute
favorite curve because I can have a hard and accurate shot. this stick
is also the lightest stick i have ever played with.
From: Justin

Comments: I recently bought this stick. Senior full size, 75 flex, camilleri curve. Its the best stick ive slap shots are the best , so are my wrist shots. My scoring record has improved a whole lot since i got this stick. Its a really light stick. I would recommend this stick to everyone .
From: Pedro

Comments: Bought this stick for my son back in Aug. for his birthday He loved this this stick. I say loved as it lasted only 10 games this season. As a first year midget player his goal production was up, his stick handling improved, including toe drags and the like and general fluidity in his puck carrying skills. This coming from a Warrior Dynasty which he still likes his shoot with, but watching him executing roof shots in tight on the backhand (his favorite) in games with more consistency, you'd have to believe the feel of the stick contributed. Just too bad at it's price point it won't be replaced anytime soon. So durability I'd say is Easton's achillies heel. His friend popped his RS just the week before. Too fragile, one good hack and it cracked and blew up moments later. Thanks Easton for leaving kids broken hearted when you fail them... and our bank accounts.
From: J

Comments: Best way I can explain it is that it has the feel of a wood stick, but super light. Awesome feel of the puck receiving passes and shooting. Slap shot accuracy improved and more consistent as well. I have used the S19 for the last 2 years, and this stick feels just as light. Way to go Easton, you really delivered on this one!
From: Eric

Comments: Has a solid feel of a wood stick, but super lite. Great balance, and feel for the puck. All shot types seem more accurate and consistant. The puck just explodes off the blade, but cushions the passes received. Dream come true! Easton has really done it with this one. My S19's have moved to the bench waiting for their next shift.
From: Eric, PA

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