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Comments: at 6'1 i was using 12" shin guards that i had since i was 13 and they never stayed in place the straps always got caught on my socks and came off leaving my pads and socks around my ankles which made skating very hard. these mako m5s are snug but i wish could be made tighter. one tape job and i think these will not move
From: Joe 

Comments: This is the third brand of shinguards I've gone through in just about a year (Bauer Vapor X5.0 and CCM U+12 were the others) and I think my search has stopped. I don't know if I've ever owned a pair of Easton shinguards but after buying these I think I've been missing out. I had heard some good reviews on other equipment in the Mako line and had tried on the Mako gloves which while very odd looking were very comfortable and allowed a very natural feeling of mobility.

So I decided to try out the Mako M5 shins, I don't play at a high enough level to need the extra protection of the top of the line Makos, and the best part about them is they don't restrict leg/knee movement. They're very comfortable right off the shelf as well as the liner is very soft. They do a great job of dispersing impact from blocked shots and falls. The strapping system isn't anything extraordinary but they stay in place well. The two biggest negatives I'd have to say are they aren't the lightest pads out there (my previous two pairs were better in that department) and they do run a little hot as their ventilation isn't great. Even considering those two aspects, these are great pads that you'll barely notice are there when it comes to seamlessly fitting on your legs and not getting in the way of your skating stride.
From: Michael, CT 

Comments: For years I have been using an old pair of Reebok shin guards. As great as they\ were they were just too big for me. The pads would constantly move around, leaving my knee partially exposed or impeding my ability to skate. That being said, the Mako M5's have to be the most comfortable shin guards I have ever worn. The M5's hug my knee cap and shins so well, no matter how many times I fall down in a game, they do not move. They are so natural feeling that I don't even notice them when I am skating. Great pair of pads. I highly recommend them.
From: Ryan, Denver

Comments: After using the same Mission shin guards from 2002, I realized I had been playing with guards that were just slightly too small. The Easton Mako  M5's are great. I wish there was one more strap, but tape around the socks makes up for it. They hug my shins and my knees feel great and stay in place (something that my old guards lacked). Highly recommend!
From: Nick, CA

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