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Comments: straight out of the box i'm impressed, i decided to go with all the Mako M5 pads (shoulder pads, shin guards, and elbow pads) all in all the will take some adjusting. these pads are like nothing i have used before i have never been able to adjust the tricep guard rib guard and how tight the breast plate is. it is so snug and has a thin profile. there is also a lot of padding around the collar bone and the neck.
From: Joe

Comments:  Just bought these to replace my old Easton EQpros... the new design was intriguing to me compared to everything else on the market..
   The arms and shoulder caps are awesome.. so much more range of movement and so much less bulk.. the 2 piece tricep guard makes a huge difference in feel and movement.
   The weight of pads is soooo light... they feel... like you don't feel them
   The protection all around is excellent.. but especially in the chest. because of the overlapping closure you get a big wide thick layer of protection there which makes you feel pretty invulnerable.. my second pickup game with them I took a puck and a stick to the chest and felt neither one.

    The new closure system takes some getting used to from the standard over the head model that most pads use. it takes some adjusting to get the feel right. straight out of the box they felt tight and constrictive.. but after tweaking the side straps and playing with different closure overlays I got it dialed in.

    Because of the overlay closure the sternum protection is much wider than every other pad on the market so it's going to feel like you have a large breastplate on rather than a narrow strip down the center.. and you do feel it at first because you're used to the old style.. but the first time you take a hit either from a puck or a player you'll forget all about how much wider that layer of protection is and be very glad it's there.
Overall.. I compared these to the Bauer one.8's when doing my shopping and they both really had good and bad features, what it came down to was which offered me the most protection with the greatest adjustability for comfort.. and the mako's did it. They aren't going to be for everybody.. especially if you're one of those players that likes to wear a padded t-shirt for shoulder pads.. but in my opinion they are one of the best lightest and most innovative pads on the rack right now.
From: Rich, CA

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