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Comments: Hands down the most comfortable elbow pads I've ever worn! They offer great protection, and are really light weight. I tried elbow pads from CCM & Easton before finding these, and the difference is night and day. Cannot recommend these enough!!
From: Chris, Bayport, NY

Comments: Reebok is the #1 elbow pad and shin guard supplier to NHL players for a reason. Coming from a JOFA elbow pads with the velcro failing, these pads are a 100% improvement. I take alot of slapshots at stick&puck and the lockstrap on these bad boys hold the pads in place like super glue. They sit really deep in the elbow and offer great protection midway down your forearm as well as midway up your bicep. Perfect Pads!
From: John, WA

Comments: I can see why they are a pro favorite. When I first put them on, they were a little tight (a problem I have with my forearms), but after playing in them today, they've really loosened up, and feel great. No frills strapping system. I will say, with most of these new fabrics and materials used, one should wear a hockey shirt with "nipple grip" elbows, to keep them in place. Typical core undershirts are a little "slippery" around the elbow areas. 5 out of 5 stars.
From:  Dave, Phoenix, Az USA

Comments: The first time I wore the Reebok 11K elbow pads, I could immediately tell why they're a favorite of the pros. It's amazing how a pad that provides such a high level of protection is also so comfortable. Let's start with the strapping system. Three straps absolutely lock the pad in place. I've worn these for four or five games now and they do not move! It is so awesome to put the pads on and forget about them. If you do fall or make contact with another player, the impact just disperses and deflects. You'll barely feel anything. Also, I love how 'deep' your elbow locks in to the center of the pad. Feels so secure and protected. At first, the pads almost feel too tight. Just a matter of getting used to it. Once you do, you'll never go back. The mobility is amazing too. I never feel like I'm constricted from moving at all. If anything, the feeling of security increases my confidence and increases mobility. Finally, I have to comment on the 'zigtech liner'. When I read that it increases blood flow and oxygen levels, I just rolled my eyes and thought, 'That's just marketing hype.'
From: ??


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