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Comments:These gloves are a good deal for the price. the leather took a week or two to break in but once that happened they were a good mid- level glove
From: Caden

Comments: I just bought these gloves because my others were to small!!! Really like the fit and protection these gloves give! Great glove for rec league at a great price, colors are great to!!
From:  Zachariah, cedar rapids ia

Comments: I'm just starting out with ice hockey and the cheapie gloves I had were not holding up to me learning wrist shots and I was getting blisters in my palms. I visited Ice Warehouse and they suggested these Easton EQ30's. They fell in my price range and offered great protection in my palms. I believe they actually helped me get the mechanics of a wrist shot. Amazing comfort, lightweight but extremely durable. I love them and can't wait to learn more shots! Thanks again, Easton & Ice Warehouse.
From: Jenny L. Santa Barbara, CA

Comments: Purchased these gloves a few months back and I have been extremely happy with them. Not only are they extremely comfortable with great mobility, but the palm seem to show little to no wear beyond some of the tape glue sticking to it. I owned a pair of CCM V06 gloves before this set, and within the same amount of time I owned these, the palm had already worn through one layer and was on its way through the next. A few more weeks later, I had a hole in the pinky and ring finger as well. Despite the more durable palm material, the feel is still pretty good through these gloves. It isn't quite as good as some other gloves I have tried, but the trade off for better palms is easily worth it to me and the difference is not durable once playing. The older versions of these gloves were the EQ3s for anyone looking to get the same gloves as before, and the EQ50s (EQ5) are the upgraded version of this glove.
From: Mike, CA

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