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Comments: I've worn Bauer my whole life and the EQ50 is my first pair of skates made by Easton. I've read a lot of reviews about how Easton skates are not that durable and the fit is a bit funky, after doing a lot of research on this particular model I took the gamble. For me the switch from Bauer to Easton was pretty seamless and the gamble payed off. I have never had a better fitting or more comfortable skate and that's coming straight out of the box without being baked.

If you are a bigger player like me (6'2"/ 225) you'll love the stiffness of this boot. I actually love the blade holder & steel and it only took me about 5 minute to get comfortable with it. I really think that these skates have helped me obtain a more powerful stride and better maneuverability while turning and crossing over.

I've used these skate two times a week for about 3 months now and i have had zero issues with durability. If you take your foot beds out of your and let your skates dry properly after every session/ game you will definitely increase the life of skates times a million. But If you throw them in your bag after the game and let them ferment with the rest of your equipment, you are going to have some real big breakdown problems. That goes with any skate you buy.

I can't speak for the rest of the Easton line but if you can still find these skates in your size I highly recommend you get them. You can't go wrong with these.
From: Paul, CA

Comments: Great light and flexible skates that allow for quick crossovers and great agility.
From: James, Manfield, TX

Comments: Comments:I bought these skates about 4 months ago and they are great. They took a little while to break in but once they were they feel great, very responsive. They are very stiff and are narrow but I have narrow feet and was looking for exactly that. I can't recommend these skates enough.
From: Seth, TX

Comments: This is a great skate currently at a great price!.. I had been out of the game for several years (seven) until recently where I made a decision to play again. Being a top level junior until the age of 19 when I stopped I had always had a taste for the more complete and top end equipment so I jumped at the chance to grab a pair of these skates

Much lighter then my previous Z-air's
Still "felt" like a pair of easton's and what I was used to
Stiff I'm quite a upright skater so the stiffness was refreshing
Great power transfer I found with just the right amount of flex to
keep things smooth
Lace bite guard worked great to!

Razor bladz2 holder I'm not sure if its just me but felt I was a
little higher off the ice compared to my old skates which I had fitted
Tendon guard is a bit to rigid on backwards flex

nNow this is a important one the Widths seem to be narrow to me so if your bordering the edge of whats commonly known for a D Width for example I'd recommend going up a width size as I to was just a smidge over a "Normal" D width by 2 or 3mm (enough to push out in baking I thought) well I was wrong they look and feel very narrow compared to other players skate who are D width from different manufacturer and thus I had to return them and go up a Width and also DOWN a whole size over my old Easton Z-air's which as a 10 on the label look and feel smaller then the EQ50 at a size 9 on the label

All in all an amazing skate I love (once I got the fit right) and all at an amazing price now, I would recommend them to everyone.
From: Tom, Berkshire, UK

Comments: Decent pair of blades that have held up fairly well for a
couple years now. Taken a few clappers off the toe and laces and the
only damage to both the skate and me has been a bit of bruising and
soreness. Initially the steel was a bit of a pain and I had to tighten
the bolts on the side after every skate, but now they hold fine. If you
wanted to toss on Tuuk holders/steel it's just a matter of drilling
through the boot so the pattern fits. Otherwise, solid, comfortable
skate that holds up well. Definitely recommend baking them a few times
as well to get a nice snug fit.
From: Jack, Ontario, Canada

Comments: These are very well built. Much better build quality than the S12. So
far so good after 20 games. The sizing is about 1/4 size to 1/2 size
larger than the S12. The heel pocket isn't as narrow as the S12 and the
forefoot a hair tighter but the boot is very heat formable. Very similar
to the current U+ series in terms of mobility. EQ50s are a very stiff
skate laterally but it has very good forward flex for how stiff it is.
The boot is very high cut so those that need extra ankle support will
love it. I like the responsiveness of the skate so far and is one of the
most comfortable skates I've worn to date.

From: Roy, Phoenix, Az

Comments: Really good pair of skates, got them when they were a little
more expensive. They were an upgrade from the Bauer Vapor X2.0. They're
pretty stiff, definitely recommend baking them just once before
skating. Overall they are pretty sweet, compared from the x2.0 it was
definitely big upgrade and I'm definitely happy about the upgrade. And
at the new low price, I'd recommend these skates to anyone.

From: Kevin, Ft. Worth, TX

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