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Comments: This stick is so light and has added so much more power to my wrist and snap shots. I'm coming from a cheap clearance Bauer Supreme one30, so this is a whole nother level! My shot accuracy and power instantly went up. The pucks were just flying off my stick. And it's sooooo light! It's like I'm holding a piece of paper.
From: Jordan, Sheffield, MA

Comments: HUGE improvement over the original Easton RS. More durable and better feeling for the puck without sacrificing that super quick release. I'm very pleased with the all around performance of the new RS2.
From: Rob, San Jose, CA

Comments: This stick is great; that is if it is what you are the type of played this is designed for. Durability: This stick is built very well. Much more durable than the old RS. I remember my old RS I picked up from Purehockey broke within the duration of the first one and a half months of the season (I play varsity high school hockey). In fact the blade started chipping after only a few practices/games. Ive had this stick since it came out and it is holding up great. Like all easton sticks, there are some chips on the blade, but at least it hasn't shattered at the blade. Performance: Firstly its light as hell, and no matter how cliche that sounds for all high end sticks, this one is one light stick. Also I have used easton sticks for years (se16, s19, etc) and easton does a good job improving there sticks. Due to the elliptical profile, the quick release is greatly present, and to has a really nice "snap/pop" to is each time you take snap shot. Also, like the total one, the rs 2 has a square shaft, but it feels so much less bulky and "better" than the total one (I still loved the total one when i had it a year ago). That being said, the square shaft provides great feel and the grip combined with this shaft provides a perfect amount of grip for quick shots in those intense moments. Its not too grippy like bauer grip sticks, but its not too slippy either. I find easton sticks ungripped to be too slippy. The only downside to the performance are the slap shots. The slap shots go out fine, but if you are a heavy player like me, the rs 2 feels too whippy at time when taking slap shots, but I don't take many slap shots anyways. Looks: The picture pretty much shows the graphics and I like it! Also since this stick has a dark tone, the paint doesn't ship and puck marks aren't really visible like the mako... that stick turned into a dirty Gray after two practices... still a nice stick though. Bottom Line: Bauer claims that their vapor line is the ultimate dangler/play maker stick but to be honest the rs 2 is better than any of bauer's stick in my opinion. Yes it is a pricey stick, but in the end you get a bigger bang for your buck. Frankly, the performance is the same as the old rs, but like I said it will last longer and it does have a fresher look. If you are more of a play maker and tend to take quick snaps and wrists, this is a perfect stick. Those of you who like taking slap shots, you might want to choose
From: ??

Comments: I think that stick is the best stick what is ever made! It's so
light and good, i love it. You have the best hockeystore of all earth!:)
From:  Aleksanteri Loukoj, Meenlinna, Finland

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