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Comments: The Easton RSII gloves are a nice upgrade to the original RS gloves, offering enhancements while keeping many of the best qualities of the original. The RSII is noticeably more protective than the original RS with bulked up protection all around from finger to cuff. However, the weight of the glove feels the same and not at all heavier even with the increased protection. The cuff also seems a bit longer than in the original RS extended a little farther up the arm than the original RS in same sizes but not in a hugely noticeable way. The palm is slightly different using upgraded versions of the AX suede material and the feel for and grip on the stick are just as good as with the RS. One difference I noticed was in the length of the fingers for these gloves. The original RS fit my finger length perfectly whereas the same sized RSII seems just slightly longer with a small bit of space at the end of the fingers for me. It isn't a problem and hasn't affected my stickhandling, but for those that perhaps found the original RS finger length a bit too short, the new RSII may be a better fit. The taper fit of the RSII is very similar to the original with tight fingers loosening slightly in the palm and widening out at the wrist. These are a great upgrade over the original RS that make them worth a buy. Perhaps not worth leaving your RS for if it still fits well, but a good replacement if your RS is worn out or if you're wanting to give this style of glove a try. The style of the glove is still unconventional and not for everyone but they seemed to have toned down the look with the RSII and brought it closer in line with more conventional gloves while still being pretty different looking.
From: Steve, Tampa, FL

Comments: not my cup of tea. wish I would have returned them. Played one game with them. Pitched my palms. Plastic insert on the pinky hurts.
From: BK

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