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Comments: I first though these were going to be a joke. Putting a neoprene sleeve over my ankle had always mad me chuckle only becauase growing up skating, we could go barefoot. At 34 years old, I can no longer go barefoot.I will say that I absolutely love these things. I started with them on a pair of skates that rubbed the ankle the wrong way. Then I moved them to my cross training skates for those long mile skates. They add that extra bit of support when you have been going for 5.5 hours and need a little mercy. I highly recommend them!
From: Danny; Owasso,OK USA

Comments: If you buy skates, you have to buy two sets when you get the skates.  I cannot imagine
skating without them.
From: Kelly, OK

Comments: Use them all the time with my Bont Vaypor Speedskates.  Wear out one pair per year usually and plan to up the count to 2 per year. Keeps me from getting blisters so I can train harder.  Need to monitor the thickness since where I wear them down I find that they offer no protection when they get skin thin.  Continue to buy them from Inline Warehouse since they are the best value.
From: Harry, Ontario

Comments: 7 years ago I had surgery on my left ankle. While wearing regular socks, the scar tissue would become irritated and the metal screws would become a pressure point against the scar tissue, where you could see where the skin was being removed. I thought I was going to have to have surgery to remove them and then someone told me about these things. Best money I ever spent and if it can prevent me from having surgery, it will help you will just about anything!
From: Bruce, USA

Comments:These things are amazing but way too easy to lose. Sounds like captain obvious and of course it would never happen to you, but just keep an eye on them unless you want to sacrifice two gallons of gas on another pair. I bought my skates a half size too big and these stopped the resulting blisters I got. Rad. Don't mull over it and just get them if you also made a bad decision on your skate size.
From: Jim

Comments:These booties are fantastic. Been having problems with an ankle blister as I can't get my Bont Alpha's moulded right and these booties protected the blister after hours of skating. Highly recommend!
From: Craig, DC

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