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EZGoal Folding Official Hockey Goal COMBO 72" x 48"

Comments: Agree with first commenter on all points. It IS a pain to set up--not so much with the instructions/difficulty, it's just very time-consuming. I had to drill more holes in the sides and main frame for more durability.
Having said all of that--it really is a great net for shooting, as you really have to have a very bad shank to miss the entire thing! It's great for practice. If you have a decent shot, you will put some dings in this thing.
I have a 45' X 30 Apron in my driveway, so I just keep it there. Doesn't really fold up, and I actually want the sides stiffer (thus the extra bolts and holes).
As the first commenter said--glad I bought it--great for practice and even some games.
From: Chuck, Albuquerque, NM

Comments: After having it a couple of weeks I'm glad I got it.

Pros: backstops are big enough to catch all but the worst shanks. not too bad moving it in and out of storage. fairly solid. Posts seem to be taking a beating pretty well.

Cons: Pain in the neck assembling the dang thing. Doesn't exactly work as advertised as it doesn't fold up quite as compactly as intended.

Bottom Line: Not bad a bad buy (especially with a few of the mylec surfaces)
From: Thrash, Blueland

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