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EZeeFit Ankle Booties ULTRA THIN

Comments: These are amazing. Very light weight, work over or under a sock, and solved the chaffing issue I was getting after about 8 miles.  I'll never blade without them again.
From: Tom, OH

Comments: Eliminated my lace bite and ankle chaffing issue. I forget I'm wearing them.
From: Chad, CA

Comments: Best money I've spent! My ankles no longer blister and bleed. This product advanced my comfort AND quality of play!
From: Peter in Easton, PA

Comments: Worth their weight in gold! Would absolutely recommend!
From: Anonymous

Comments: I can't say enough good things about these booties. I bought them because I was having trouble getting my Bont Alphas molded just right, which caused blisters on my arch and near the top of the skate. The right socks helped, but I could still only do about 8-12 miles (depending on weather) before having to stop due to blisters. Now, I'm regularly doing 20+ miles with NO blisters or even redness. They're great and by far the best money I've spent on a skate accessory in my 17 years of skating! Highly recommended for tighter fitting/moldable skates.
From: Jason, Hong Kong

Comments: I bought these based on a recommendation on the IW Hockey Forum from a member suggesting to use these to take up space in a skate that fit a little too loose. What a difference! They do the job and hold your heel in place a little better... I have found that my foot is a little numb after taking my skates off. Not sure if that is just the nature of the elastic of the sleeve causing less blood flow or something unrelated. Overall, I am pleased.
From: Sam, Milwaukee, WI USA

Comments: These are great! I have low boots with a spot that rubs on the inside of my upper ankle. After trying all kinds of solutions this is the best one!
From: Tiffani

Comments:These little booties are pretty cool. I don't have a problem with blisters, but they provide that little extra support in the heel and keep the skate nice and snug.
From: Tambra, Morro Bay

Comments:These booties are fantastic. Been having problems with an ankle blister as I can't get my Bont Alpha's moulded right and these booties protected the blister after hours of skating. Highly recommend!
From: Craig, DC

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