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Comments: Nice balanced twig with good puck feel. Be careful with the flex, it's rated on an overlength shaft. I normally cut 3" to 4" off an 85 flex stick which then equals approx 90. With the overlength shaft I had to cut 7" off so the 85 flex is more like 96 now! The sick plays very stiff (If I had known I would have chosen the 75 flex). Still a great stick from Reebok and good for one timers.
From: Duncs

Comments:Had this stick for 2 weeks and loving it so far. Very lightweight as you would expect, and well balanced. Got the non-grip version which has a nice matt finish so it doesn't blind people with reflections of the light. Stick does have a noticebly stiffer headpeice, which takes a bit of getting used to but now im very glad that it does as you can really feel where the puck is on the stick without looking down. Also I've noticed my passing and shots have been really crisp and accurate. They aren't kidding about the low kickpoint, there is a big improvement in my slapshot now, I never really take big slappers from the point or anything, more like a quick shot with only half a backswing, but the thing just launches the puck to the top crossbar twice in a row the first time I used it, it took all my willpower not to go straight home and order a second one as a spare. It does have the raised up little dimples on the head...but to be honest..when you put stick tape over it I don't think it does that much. Got the Hedman curve and very happy with it, nice closed face so your shots and passes stay low, but ultimately this is a matter of preference of course. Will be buying more of these in the future thats for sure..OK guys thanks for reading, keep it cool out there on the rink

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