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Comments: Good bucket that's comparable to the Bauer 4500. Decent
protection and fairly light and comfortable with the VN liner. Really
nice thing is how quickly it adjusts with the side snaps so you can get
a better fit between shifts if you want. Visors go on no problem with
this, same with cages. Ton of AHL guys using this too.
From: Jack, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Reason For Buying: I am a big fan of the Bauer 4500 and the classic fit and feel that it brings. However, I recently was in need for a green helmet with a VN foam liner, and since the 4500 is not readily available in green the V08 was my next choice. Fit: The CCM V08 is a very comfortable fitting helmet, for my head shape. Helmets with VN foam, in general, seem to be more comfortable for me in general. The EPP foams in the majority of the "Light Weight" helmets tend to result in hair being pulled out of my head due to the gel pads used to cushion the more rigid foams. The V08 does fit larger than the Bauer 4500 I have found. I take a Large in the 4500, but a Medium in the V08. Not a bad thing, just a different fit. Weight: The V08 is definitely not the lightest helmet that I have tried on. The Re-AKT, Krown 360, an E700 are all noticeably lighter than the V08. However, the helmet is not uncomfortably heavy, and the weight is distributed so well that I can put it on and forget that it is there. Ventilation: The helmet can get a little toasty, but no worse than my Bauer 4500s do. I sweat a ridiculous amount playing no matter what I wear, so this is not an area of major concern for me. I would be drip-sweating if I played without a helmet. Protection: The helmet just feels like it is well made in my hands, it is that solid. The few bumps to the head I have taken have not left me any worse off than I was before-hand. For a more classically built helmet, the protection is very good. Look: The V08 is a very "stylish" helmet for those that take such things into consideration when buying hockey equipment. It has sharp lines, and fits pretty low-profile. It is one of the better looking helmets next to the Bauer 4500 out there, in my opinion. As the ad says, it "passes the mirror test". Overall: The CCM V08 is a very good helmet, and at a price that makes it an easy choice for those that prefer the VN foam over the EPP foam found in many of the "high-end" helmets on the market. It may not be the lightest or most feature-rich of the plethora of helmets out there, but it is a solid choice to be sure. Add in the vast range of colors to choose from, and as long as this helmet fits properly it is a choice I would highly recommend. Thank you,
From: Joe

Comments: After being a big Bauer helmet guy, I recently made the switch to the V08 and wouldn't go back. Super comfortable, great airflow, and excellent protection! Definitely an A+ helmet.

Chris, Bayport, NY, USA

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