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Comments: I love my franchise pants. I will never buy another brand except Warrior. They are mobile, have lots of padding, and last a long time. Don't pass these up.
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Comments: Fit The Franchise pants are very comfortable, but definitely run larger than most pants. As a rule of thumb, if you are on the lower range of their waist scale, go to the size below. For example, I am a 32Ó waist and wear a S +1 for length. The leg zippers are also a nice touch if you wanted a bit more leg room while skating. 8.5/10 Protection The Franchise pants provide a great deal of protection, especially in the hips, thighs, lower back and coccyx (which I feel a lot of retail pants lack). Ever fall on your tailbone and have that extreme pain? I have and thatŐs why I specifically like pants that provide a great deal of protection in this area. I have blocked many shots and have endured much stick work and not once have I ever felt pain; superior protection from Warrior. 10/10 Weight The pants are not heavy and do not weigh you down or restrict your movement in any way. Actually they feel very nice on your body and have a good contour. 10/10 Durability I own 3 pair of Warrior Franchise pants and have been using them for quite some time and they are in excellent condition. The only damage per se is that one of the W buttons/rivets on the hang strap has come off, otherwise they are extremely durable. Dasherboard burns and slashes have not torn through the strong exterior of the pants. 9.5/10 Intangibles The mold resistant materials on the inside have been fantastic. I have CMM Pro tack pants that have developed mold issues in the past, but these materials are extremely efficient at preventing bacteria and mold. 10/10 Conclusion I love my Franchise, I just wish the sizing was a bit more accurate (an M without a +1 would be cheaper). Other than that, they are a phenomenal pair of pants that are definitely worth the money. If you go custom, I would also recommend the beefed up plastics package and that is a nice addition. 9.5/10 player reference: 6'0 / 165lbs / A League (3x/week)
From: Rich

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