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Comments: These are one of the best wheels I ever ride other than the Labeda Shooters . I totally recommend these wheels who goes to the wood rink floors and any about 170+ up. So the people's who are lower than 170 , they should watch out for the less grip but its manageable when wore down a bit.
From: Wynn, IL

Comments: The wheels felt great, but after skating on them for the second time on IceCourt I almost broke my leg when the front wheel broke completely off the hub. After replacing the wheel and skating for another hour I noticed the wheels were already chunking and more wheels look like they are about to snap off. I only weigh 150 lbs and I have NEVER had a wheel break like this. Way to pricey to break after two skates and scarey dangerous.
From: Joel, Owasso, OK

Comments: These wheels feel very soft, almost 'suspended'. They stick like crazy the first 15 minutes you play, after that, they inevitably get dusty and stick a little less. After one game though, THEY FALL APART. I weigh 190 lbs and am 6ft5, i bought the 78A ones. The rubber just releases from the 'hub'. I fixed it a little bit by dripping superglue between rubber and hub but i have to check and re-apply after every game. For this price absolutely unacceptable in my opinion.
From: John

Comments: Great wheel! I use these wheels on a sport court surface and get a good mix of grip and speed. If you are around 200+ pounds I would definetly reccomend the orange ones as they are harder then the other colors. I had some minor cracks when i tried the red ones, but as soon as i switched over to the orange they have been perfect. They are the most expensive wheels I have used, but have been worth it.
From: Stephen, CA

Comments: Absolutely the best wheels you can buy. I am 6'0", 205lbs and had a set of the 76A versions on my skates for almost 18 months of playing twice a week and they just started to crack and break down in the last 6 months of that time period. (Given, the last 6 months was just men's league, so if I were playing a higher level of hockey I would have bought new ones sooner) I just bought a brand new set, this time the 78A hardness and I couldn't be happier. The choice is yours: buy two sets of grippers or milleniums (or any other wheel, besides Dynasty 3's) and have lousy grip and lousy acceleration throughout the life of the product, or buy ONE set of these and have great grip and great acceleration THE WHOLE TIME. These are the real deal. Can't wait to see what Labeda puts out next
From: Dominic

Comments: I play hockey twice a week and one of them is training junior players Ice court is the surface I play on all the time. The wheels lasted me about 8 games before the 2 wheels on the back on each boot came complelty peeled off the bearings. I was pretty shocked ! So I brought 2 new wheels the same and with in another 3 games one of the other wheels on the from blew out and took massive chunks out of the front wheel on my boot. I am an average weight of around 89 kilos so I feel my weight would not have a big effect on these wheels How ever I did get that great speed with grip at the same time with out being bogged down on the floor . I personally would not recommend these wheels. If ya want something to last look elsewhere
From: Darran, Australia

Comments: These wheels are worth the price. I plays on Ice court and after 7 skates the wheels look brand new. The durability is there without sacrificing grip. Stopping is fantastic. The wheels grip best when pressure is applied. Without the pressure the wheels canÊsometimes slip which gives an almost ice like feel. Wheels take a. Little while to get used to, but once you do you will never go back. Disclaimer: I did have 3 defective wheels which pulled away from the hub. While they were still skateable, I could feel the wheels flex when turning. I sent an email to Labeda regarding the issue
From: Mark

Comments: I'm 5'11" 170lbs, I've used Rink Rat Hot Shots XXX, Revision Variant, and these over the past seasons I've played in. Granted I do play 2 -3 times per week on indoor sports court, I found that these wore down comparably to any other wheels I've used. I haven't had any "blow outs" though like I did with the Hot Shots, but I have experienced cracking and some splitting, especially on the back wheels. I think that I will be trying a different set of wheels next time (Either Hornets or back to the Variants), although I was pleased with them when they were new and fresh I don't see the cost/value ratio to be worth it for me to purchase again.
From: J.C.

Comments: These are the real deal. I came from Rink Rat hornet 76As that exploded on me on sport court. I'm 210, 6'2". I skate fast and I'm skilled and went with the orange hardness. These wheels are as advertised. They feel like an outdoor wheel (I played on concrete for a year), no problem with the transition over to these. Don't know how Labeda created them, but keep on keeping on
From: Matt

Comments: I'm about 165 lbs. and bought these "76A" to play on outdoor smooth concrete. Great looking wheel but they don't grip quite so well, I'm sliding around a lot but they are super fast. I'm going to try the 78A shooters. These say 76A but you have to keep in mind the outer urethane is very hard between 83 and 85 so it effects how they grip
From: Jason, CA

Comments: I picked up a set of these for my old Mission Hi-Lo 72/80 skates because the specs looked solid. Up until then I only used Labeda Milleniums, soft. The Addiction wheels gripped about the same, and offered better acceleration in my opinion. However, where the Milleniums would normally wear down and show cracking after a season or so, these wheels "chunked" off in pieces just short of a 12 game season. They also lost grip faster than the Milleniums. Mind you, I'm 5'10" and 250lbs. I don't doubt that lighter players will enjoy these wheels more but for the price, I except better grip and longevity. I've gone back to my Milleniums.
From: Kevin

Comments: Just got these wheels for my birthday a couple of weeks. I skate on hardwood floors at a couple of different rinks. I've tried millenniums, rink rats, and hyper wheels. I was surprised that these wheels seem to grip even better than those other wheels. Hopefully they will last longer and be crack/split free.
From: Josh, CA

Comments:Bought these wheels around November of 2010. I was upgrading from the Labeda Milleniums which started spliting on me within 3 weeks of playing on them. Decided to try Labeda one more time before I got advice from my more experienced hockey friends. First of all, I'm happy to say that the speed and grip you get from the wheels is noticable. However, after trying my best to rotate my wheels and skate less "aggressively," I've still managed to split all of my wheels all the way around them. Still, I have suggested these to everyone who has asked me about wheels. FYI, I am 6'5" 225 lbs
From: Cory

Comments:These are expensive wheels, but worth the money. I play on Ice Court which ripped apart my Rink Rats orange wheels. They were two years old so not saying anything bad about Rink Rat. The impressive thing is the speed and grip. I didnt change my bearings , Swiss 10 years going strong. I am 215lbs and not fast at all, but I noticed a big difference once you get going. If you are looking for a quality wheel this one is worth giving it a try.
From: Ernie


Decided to give these a shot after calling the Inline Warehouse and speaking with one of their advisors.  They said that the wheels would provide speed without sacrificing grip.  Well I finally skated on them last night and what a difference.  Speed is awesome and grip is there which was surprising.  Labeda has created a breakthru product.  Is in a different league than my previous wheel which was the Rink Rat Hornet.  If you can handle the price this is the wheel to buy you will not be disappointed.

From: CJ

Comments:This is a nice wheel. Great grip for cutting & stopping, but yet hard for faster speed. I got the orange ones for heavier weight 150lbs.- 225lbs. These wheels with my Bones Super Swiss 6 bearings make for fast gripping ride.
From: Adam, NJ

Comments:I have not used Labeda wheels for some time now due to them always splitting, chunking and generally not lasting me more than 3 months. I play 4-5 times a week so I need a wheel that is durable as well as provide top level grip. I have used these Addiction wheels for a month now and they are amazing. No signs of wear on the wheels and are very responsive on cuts and turns.
From: Vinny Buffalo NY

Comments:The wheel itself is a very interesting wheel. I was rather skeptical about it at first but after using them I can't be so skeptical. I've been using rink rat wheels for so long, till this wheel came along. I haven't had any issues, no loss of grip, great stopping power, and becuase of the harder durometer, my speeds explosive. Match these wheels with the right set of bearings and your good to go. By far the best wheel on the market.
From: Labeda 18

Comments:If you can get past the "sticker shock" price of these wheels, you will find you have not wasted your money. And I'm directing these comments to the big boys (200lbs and up, including myself) who've been waiting for a wheel like this. I've been using these for the better part of the season, and they are fantastic. They automatically made me a better and faster skater. Grip is outstanding, very confidence inspiring. Can stop and cut much better on these wheels than previous sets I've had. No noticable wear or tear on the wheels at all. The best wheels I could find prior to these had a 78 durometer and barely lasted a full season. These are the REAL DEAL.
From: Tom, Thornton, Co. USA

Comments:Addiction wheels are great I used them at Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose. They were way faster than the Labeda Millennium wheels I use to use but still had the same grip for quick stops and turns.
From: Brian, SLO, CA.

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