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Comments: The Labeda Gripper wheels are an awesome product. I understand that weight plays an issue when deciding what wheel to buy, but, I am about 225lbs and the x-soft and 76a hold up very well and last extremely long (season and a half). I am an advanced player and am VERY hard on my equipment and for the money, these are, in my opinion, the wheels to get!

Comments: I've had these wheels for 1 or 2 months now and there okay. The only problem was that they wore out to quickly for me. I'm 14, 130 lbs, and was using the 74A durameter for my travel and rec league. I think next time i'll get either 76A's or different kind of Labeda wheels.
From: Nate, Douglassville, PA

Comments: I'm 5'9 165lbs and an aggressive skater. These really hold
well on sport court. I used to use the labeda millenniums but found
them to be too soft for my skating style. The labeda gripper wheel gives
additional speed without sacrificing grip
From: Gabriel, PA

Comments: I'm 5'10" 170ish. I got the yellow grippers (80A) to use on painted concrete.(skating rink floor) and they are amazing. I was using rink rats XXX and they where starting to chunk so I went with something harder. I skate and stop fairly aggressive and these wheels have held up for 2 seasons at 2 games a week and about 20 games a season.
From: Mike, FL

Comments: Great wheels and definitely my go to set up. I use the X-soft 84A for indoor and I'm 5'8" 160lbs.
From: Chris, NY

Comments: I'm 170lbs playing on a polished cement surface every weekends almost 4 years long. Soft wheels are a must for cement, so you'll have 50% chance to have good session conditions. Another 50% is humidity, which makes the main difference for the friction thus game conditions on the cement. I was using Grippers 74A for last good friction/humidity session and Grippers rocks it. External edge grip was oh so good.
From: Ameish

Comments: just got them and have used them for 1 practice only, but I can already tell the difference ! these wheels offer the perfect combination of grip and speed. I'm 190 lbs, like to forecheck hard and they instantly gave me a (much) more efficient stride, they feel very light in wide turns, very solid in the sharp ones, and they will stop you in a dime... the only question is about durability. I haven't used them long enough to say, but I definitely will buy the exact same when I have to replace. I play 4 times a week on an indoor wooden court, and until I tried the Gripper, I could not find a wheel I was really satisfied of. I actually downgraded from the much more expensive Dynasty 2, and I can say I won't buy any high end wheels again !
From: Ben

Comments:At 225 pounds, I'm the second heaviest guy on my team. I also happen to be the most aggressive skater on my team, which used to mean that I tore up wheels like crazy, sometimes completely destroying 2 or 3 in one game or pickup session. Then I switched to the Labeda Grippers to try something new. For my Tuuk One-Up chassis, I ordered 80mm yellow Medium wheels for out back and 72mm white Soft wheels for up front. It has made all the difference in my turning, stopping, and speed. I was able to find very good combinations of speed and grip by mixing and matching other wheels from other brands in the past, but none of them ever held up like the Labedas. Most just fell apart, with big chunks getting ripped out during stops or hard turns. Others were fast but were too hard to give me any peace of mind, as I always worried they would slide rather than grip. I play at least three times a week, on both Sport Court and outdoor concrete and I would not consider ever using any other wheel than the Gripper. If I ever stray from the Gripper, it will be to try out another Labeda wheel.
From: mike

Comments: Definitely the very best wheel for the money

Comments:I use the yellow mediums on sport court and they work great. I was blowing out rink rat hot shots a lot so i switched to these and havent had a blow out after 2 years! They have worn down a little bit over two years and they wore down with small vein like lumps on the back wheels so i'm ordering a new set. I'm 5'8" ~140lbs fast hard skater and they get about the same grip as the softer rinkrat hot shots i used to use (which is good) but last me 10x's as long.
From: Haole

Comments:I've been running the soft whites for awhile and they have held up great. Especially since I weigh 225lbs. They are starting to get some grooves but no chunking.

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