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Labeda Gripper Hockey Wheels

Comments: It is called the Gripper for a reason. I got the 80mm Med and I am a 100kg 5' 8". The grip is amazing on a sports court and after my second skate, there are no signs of wear at all and as if it was brand new. Amazing and highly recommended. It's a bargain to be honest. These wheels gave me a lot of confidence.
From: Gabe, KL, Malaysia

Comments: I'm 190lbs, set up: two 72mm in the back, two 68mm in the front. Using the 76A (hardness/softness) Labeda Gripper wheels. Bones Red bearings.I will be ordering a stockpile of these wheels. I've been playing for 8 years and have never had such an impressive wheel. How are these under $6? You would think for a value wheel you would lose some sort of quality... but not in the slightest! This marks the first season all my wheels lasted while playing on sport court. If you don't know what to get I suggest you try these.
From: Ryan, Fulton

Comments: I have used the Labeda Asphalt 84a outdoor wheels for a few years on an outdoor concrete surface and have loved them. Recently I made the change to the Labeda Gripper Yellow 80A. This gives me more grip that the 84A Asphalt wheels were lacking while giving me the durability I need. These wheels offer a smooth feel that the Asphalt did not have, both are great wheels but I will be using the yellow Grippers.
From: David, York, PA

Comments: I have been a fan of Labeda Gripper wheels for 15 years. They hold up well on both sport courts and smooth pavement. Named gripper for a reason, great grip and control. In my opinion, best value on hockey wheels.
From: N, NYC, NY

Comments: These wheels rock. I play 4 games a week at a minimum on smooth concrete and they've lasted over 4 seasons with regular maintenance (rotation and oiling). I'm a big fan of these wheels and I recommend them to everyone that needs advice. These wheels LAST. I weigh 215 and these wheels do the job. Good speed and grip. I have 80 mm in the back and 76 in the front. I'm starting to see a lot of yellow colored Labeda's out there in my league...
From: Josh, CA

Comments: The best wheels I've ever owned and at a mid range price.  I've played on a couple of different surfaces with 2 76A's on the front and 2 80A's on the back, and weigh about 205 pounds.  I've played at least 20 games on them so far and there's no issues with grip and they've hardly worn. When they finally need replacing I will not hesitate to buy the same set.
From: Kai, Australia

Comments: Pretty decent wheel. The grip was great while it lasted but unfortunately, that wasn't very long. Used on polished concrete, lasted maybe a season while spending 2-4 hours a week on them. 
From: Andrew, Rancho Cucamonga, CA



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