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Labeda Gripper Millennium Hockey Wheels

Comments: perfect grip for indoor hockey on sport court; I weigh about 160lbs, and the 74A is PERFECT. I stop instantly and I accelerate quickly. Better yet, they seriously have not worn down since I got these on new skates over a year ago. I haven't needed to rotate the wheels for months now. If you weigh about the same as me or less, you can buy these, feel awesome on the rink, and you won't need new wheels for at least a year.
From: MC Hawks

Comments: Amazing wheels for high school roller hockey on sport court. I weigh 150 lbs, and after OVER A YEAR (playing 2 games per week), they just started showing signs of needing to be rotated. And I'm an aggressive skater, so that's saying something.
-No cracking, crumbling, cutting, warping, etc. Still look brand new.
-They resist wear like a beast.
-Good stickiness for stopping yet plenty of speed when accelerating.

The top of the line six-hundred-core-layer-poly-blah-blah-blah wheels that cost as much as new skates might be better than these, but I'd bet these are the best bang for your buck. GET THEM
From: Scott, Savannah, GA

Comments: Great wheels, I put them on my mission axioms and they worked great. Perfect amount of grip and speed. Definetly going to buy again.
From: Matt, Los Gatos, California

Comments: Wheels were everything I could have asked for. They lasted for 2 years on sport court before replacement. I used 2x80mm in the back and 2x76mm in the front wheels. I am 5'10 and 170lbs. The wheels worked really well on hardwood floor after taking four years off. I then replaced the wheels with the same Labeda Millennium Grippers with 2x80mm and 2x72mm. Go for the 80s and 76s.
From: Adam, Columbia, MO

Comments: Used the first time and I am very impressed. Great wheel. I used 76A,
weigh about 200lb and had nice grip and stopping power.
From: Mark, NJ

Comments: Best Wheels Ever.
From: Ben

Comments: I love these wheels so much they have so much grip i can hockey
stop so much better on these than rin rats amazing job and thanks inline
warehouse for having my favorite color ORANGEEE :)))
From: Zachary, Bradenton, FL

Comments: favorite wheels not worth spending anymore money than this.
From: Peter

Comments: I play wheelchair basketball here in AUS. Sweet looking wheels. Would u guys recommend these wheels for on my playing chair? Or do u have other site over there I could look at. Cheers
From: Jason

Comments: I'm 160lbs and use a hi-low 72/80 setup on a sport tile surface. These wheels are plenty fast and have excellent grip. I've used them for about 20 games without finding any chips/cracks/splits anywhere on the wheel. Only my front wheels show minimal wear. Great wheel for the money.
From: Mike

Comments: At 5'10" and 250lbs, I go through wheels every couple of seasons at one to two games per week. I ate through the Addictions with moderately aggressive play(78A, chunks broke off), so I'm back to my faithful Milleniums. These wheels are cheaper, grip better for longer, and wear better compared to more expensive wheels IMO. However they still begin to split/chip/crack after a season of play for me, barely making it beyond 1.5 seasons. I'm going to try the regular Grippers next in the 80A hardness and try my luck there.
From: Kevin, CA

Comments: Very impressed with the grip of the X-soft, however I blew out a big chunk on my 5th or 6th game on them on sport court. I am an aggressive 180lb player but have never seen a wheel blow a chunk out like this before.
From: Rich

Comments:I got the X-soft and after only 4 games they started to tear. I'm a fast skater so the grip has really helped me in turning and stopping but the durability is a concern since I'm only 160lbs. I emailed Labeda customer support and sent pictures of my torn wheels and they sent me replacements. I'll be testing out the replacements tonight. If these don't last I'll be looking for a different wheel.
From: rob

Comments:Bought these wheels as a replacement for a pair of my tours and wasn't super pleased. Fairly cheap wheel so thought id save a buck, but durability wasn't superb. They didn't really crack or chunk, but definitely warped too fast and lost a lot of grip all together even with rotating and cleaning with proper care.
From: NIck

Comments:I wouldn't recommend the Xsoft for anyone. I'm 150 pounds and I had no trouble destroying them. They might work for a kid or a small women. The 'soft' on the other hand are great, very durable, but the grip remains excellent. I've even used them outside on asphalt and they've held up quite well.
From: Kevin

Comments:these wheels are stupid sick. hands down, best wheel on the market. you're just wasting time reading this review. time that could be spent buying these from inlinewarehouse and skating ASAP.
From: Tuna

Comments:I've had the same wheels for a while now, haven't had a problem. They hold up well, and give great traction too, which is a plus.

Comments:I've had these wheels (x-soft) for a couple months and they have worked well on sport court. They are starting to chunk pretty badly though. When I bought these from the pro shop at the rink they didn't have the soft which might have been a better fit for someone my size. So if your over 200lbs I'd for sure go soft.
From: Aaron, Palmer Lake, CO, USA

Comments:These Wheels really work great when it comes to turning and quickness. I have used my about 8 or 9 times now and they have yet to wear at all.
From: Jake Greenfield, Minn USA

Comments:I have used these wheels on an indoor tile surface, and they are excellent. Lots of guys in our league use these. They have not worn at all and I've used them for over 3 months.
From: Ralph, Gibbstown, NJ 1/16/07

Comments: The soft works better on a wooden floor than the extra soft. Wood eats the extra soft very quickly. These wheels are smooth and hold up very well.
From: Matt Parks City, State, Country: Raleigh, NC USA

Comments:After using many different types of wheels I believe these are the best for every surface maybe excluding outdoors. They are worth every sent and they do the job well when it comes to hockey stops and doing fast turns these wheels improve on every step. I recommend these wheels for and one ready for the next step up when using hockey blades
From: Jason, City, State, Country: Geelong, Victoria, Australia 8/11

Comments:Comments: I have used these wheels for some time now and they are fantastic. I use them on both my Mission Wicked Lights and also on my Mission Proto VSI Team Vibes. They seem to hold up very well. I use them both on flight deck and on sport-court. These wheels assist you while making fast sharp turns. I recommend these wheels for any serious player.
From: Justin, Mansfield, Ohio, United States of America

Comments: Super dew per awesomeness wheels, just tried them tonight and getting
ready for narch winter nationals in San Jose. Wheel is super grippy and stops on the
dime. Love the feel and the smooth ride, jus like surfing the waves at pipeline here in
Hawaii. I am 5'7 and 175lbs and used the orange soft wheels. I sk8 with my 2005 tour
Beemer and looking forward of to upgrading to a new pair of sk8s soon. Have a bless
time ripping it up with dis wheels. Aloha from Hawaii. Cheeeewooooo
From: Rico, Millani, Hawaii, USA

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