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Comments: I've had these wheels for over a month. I play about 3x a week on asphalt. I'm a very aggressive skater - 160 lbs. I honestly love these wheels. They are the best wheels I've ever had and I've gone through many sets. They have shaved down very little, only a few mm. They are extremely fast. They have decent grip. A little hard to make sharp turns at times but nothing a few drills won't fix. Overall these are great wheels especially for the price, they're going to last you a long time and you can skate fine on them. I would definitely recommend them to a friend
From: Nick, Chicago, IL

Comments: im just inder 300 lbs and i dont do a lot of hard stopping but i do do some these wheels held up great just some minor cracks after a month and a half but i am a big guy if you are 200 and under these should last you 6 months to a year depending on play again great wheels cant beat the price
From: Scott W, San Jose, CA

Comments: I bought these wheels as they were recommended to me by a few team mates. I play indoors on an asphalt surface (ice rink). My old wheels had me sliding around a lot more than these ones. I would definitely recommend these wheels to someone playing on an asphalt surface.
From: Vlad, ON

Comments: Great wheels on the cheap. I use on smooth concrete, outdoor rink. Keep 'em rotated!
From: Peter, PA

Comments: These wheels were the best for a indoor wood  rink . I been using this for about a year .
I really recommend it indoor . But watch out its not grippy when u first buy it . So wear it
From: Wynn

Comments: I use these wheels on a couple of different smooth painted roller rink floors, about 2-3 times a week (or 5-6 hours of hockey). Overall, this is probably the best in class wheel for the harder indoor surfaces, providing a good amount of grip and reasonable durability for about $3.50/wheel (with your IWIN discount). These are, in my opinion, the best wheels for non sport court surfaces since Rink Rat stopped making the Hot Shots in 80a hardness.
From: Russ, FL

Comments: Got these to play on smooth concrete and like them alot. I use them in the middle with asphalt gripppers on the outside. Good grip and stopping power.
From: Bill, NC

Comments: Pretty good wheels for the surface i play on. I use them in front and back.
From: Brandon, Irving, TX

Comments: Great wheel! I am very impressed. I use mainly indoor on tile but they have
been nice outdoors too. A lot softer ride than 84A wheels. That impressed me. Virtually
no wear from indoor use. Not sure how long they will hold up outdoors though will
extended use.
From: Mark, NJ

Comments: I have been skating for a lot of years and have burned through hundreds of wheel sets. I have been using these exclusively for the last three years and couldn't be happier with their performance or durability. I skate on sealed asphalt as well as indoor rink tile. Always a smooth ride. I have abec9 bearings and good spacers and can't complain about their speed, either. More fun for less! Great value.
From: May

Comments: good wheel on the cheap! i use these on a coated asphalt surface, grip is good, not great, but they wear well. i'm 200lbs and an aggressive skater. cant beat the price per wheel
From: CAM

Comments: Great outdoor wheels for a heavier skater. I'm 230 lbs... these skates are soft enough to give me good traction on a smooth concrete surface (my 84a's slipped out of turns terribly) but they have proved super durable (they seem to wear every bit as slowly as the 84as did). Some skaters will want a grippier wheel... but if you're looking for a compromise between grip and durability these wheels are a fantastic value.
From: NY

Comments: I bought these wheel with low expectations but when i got them they were great! great grip on wood flooring, fast, great buy!
From: ??

Comments:I got these because I wanted to mix up some hard fast wheels with some grippy softer wheels for indoor sport court. I know these are supposedly for either indoor or outdoor, but when I wore them indoor, I was sliding all over the place. I wouldn't suggest getting these for indoor at all. They are too hard to grip. I'm going to use them outdoor though, so it isn't a complete waste.
From: Andrew

Comments:These are great multi purpose wheels. i bought them to wear outside and wore them for a while in side too and they were fine.(it was only at a roller rink. I never wore them on sport court so i dont no. ) i do not recomend wearing them on tile if you have used them outside. but overall these r great wheels.
From: Ethan

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