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Mylec Air-Flo Nylon Street Goalie Sticks Sr

Comments: I would use this stick for gym class, pick-up floor games, and for outside use. It's kinda heavy, not a very long shaft. Really nothing special about it.
From: Morgan, Greensville, PA

Comments: Let's remember that this is a goalie stick, and at no point should you be taking shots on goal with it.

The blade has a little too much flex, but it's great for slipping in poke checks and aggressively clearing aside rebounds. (Just scrape it, it's meant to.) I hold mine right where the handle meets the plastic as that's where I've found it MOST mobile. It is heavy, and that is the biggest problem I've had.
From: Shaun, Stevenson, WA

Comments: I use this at a pro level (U16 AAA) and i have to say, i've never had better stick except for my own stick :D. This blows away the total one or any other $200 + stick on the market. Overall very pleased
From: Woodey, Chad, Africa

Comments: After using this stick for a while, I can say there are some definite problems with the balance, weight, and flexibility. This is a nice stick for someone just starting out in strictly recreational play, and it gets the job done. However, it takes a while to get used to how much the blade flexes, expecially when trying to shoot a ball. Since it is all wood/plastic construction, it is very heavy and VERY unbalanced. The paddle is not very long and I find myself holding the stick 5-6 inches above where the paddle stops. Overall, for $17, it's not bad if you're just looking for something to mess around with.
From: Joe

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