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Comments: These skates are beyond amazing. I was impressed by the performance of the AC1's. They are lightweight, stiff, and reliable. The wheels have a satisfying grip to them and the skate fits true to size. Overall, I really appreciate the S.I.C.K Ventilation features and the comfortable fit. The experience was on of the best and I broke into them within 2 sessions.
From: Michael W, FL

Comments: Ok, I have a Pair of bauer Hockey skates bought new in 98.They now are separating from the heel. So I bought the Mission Inhaler seniors $650.00 Pair. Just got them in. Tried them on, 1st thing I notice is how hard they are to lace up on the foot.No Flexibility in the Lace eyes. 2nd, There are comfort Pads on each side of the heel. The sew seam Rubs on my Ankle causing so much Pain that I never even Skated with them. Also I like a Little more Height in the Ankle Calf area, so when I tape up , the Tape wraps fully around the Upper calf area.Inside shoe is very hard,as as for looks, I don't like the Shiny Black.and I don't like the Grey and be honest I wouldn't pay 50 bucks for these Skates. This Co. has some work to do. I sugest they Start with People that wear a Product they wish to Sell. Seems like these Skates were never Tried on by Anyone before they went to mkt.
From: Shawn

Comments: Amazing Skates! 

Pros: Very agile, great components and fit, wheels included grip very
nicely, bearings are great! not quite Bones Swiss great, but are
pretty close and way better than abec 9 or anything abec. Light. Sexy.
Breathable. nice to feel the air flow in and help dry the feet. Keeps
em from smelling up too!

Cons: Your toe nail might get caught in the vent ports if not fitted
correctly. I was shocked at how much smaller these need to be than my
shoes. I wear about a size 10-10.5 and settled on 7.5 EE here. The
included insole kinda sucks but it might not bother you. I decided to
upgrade anyway just because. I could have lived without the upgrade

Anyway, I think my toe in the vent problem has potential to be REALLY
bad, but maybe easily fixed. It still has some breaking in to do
anyway and I could put some foam thing inside to keep my toes from
lifting into the vents.

Overall, it's a good value for the money. You get top notch parts and
the only diff from the AC1 is the lack of magnesium chassis and vented
tongue but everything else seems the same.

I'm a casual skater. I'm pretty good but I'm not like good hockey
player good. I just really appreciate the performance out of these.
From: Justin, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Had these skates for about 8 months and they've been amazing until about a month ago! Not sure if I just got a bad skate or not, but on my right skate the outsole is coming off of the boot and making the chassis move around whenever any pressure is put on it. The front of the outsole near the rivets is also making squeaking noises, so I'm not sure what that's from. Sending them in to see what can be done, hopefully the warranty will take care of it. But up until the issue occurred, these were without a doubt the best skates I've owned. I had X60's before these, but the AC1's are way more comfortable and ventilated. They might be about the same weight but I would choose these over the X60's any day. The tongue has a ridiculous amount of protection on them so you don't have to worry about getting lace bite either. Which was a problem with the T7's. The boot is pretty stiff too so the responsiveness is great! Definitely recommend these skates, but hopefully the outsole issue won't be a problem for anyone else.
From: Chris, CA

Comments: I live these skates they are amazing with great barrings
From: Sabrene, Las Vegas, NV

Comments: The new inhaler line from mission are a the industrys top of the line skate available on the market. Super fast, super light and although they look hot they are far from it . Missions new inhaler technology keeps your feet cool as ice , whith is new true vented toungue to its vented sides and toe cap your feet are sure to stay cool and dry. These skates feature the lightest magnesium chassis with hilo set up of 76 and 80mm wheels and the newest mission swiss le bearings which will leave you far ahead of the competition during game play. I recommend the mission ac1 inhalers to all from intermiediate level play to pro level. I have had these skates since day one of their introduction to the roller hockey world and I love them , so comfortable right out of the box ,definitely worth the price people so stop wasting time and get you pair now from inline inline and ice hockeys leader of all you hockey needs at the lowest prices available.
From: Anthony

Comments: These skates are really comfortable and light. They look really nice. The feel id similar with the T10s skate.
From: Justin

Comments: I've had these skates for ~1 week now and love them! The new design of the intake/exhaust works flawlessly. I did notice slight rubbing on my big toe with the plastic of the toe on the skate though. While it is nothing you should conern yourself with, it is something you should be aware of ahead of time. This could probably be rectified by ordering a pair a 1/2 a size larger than you usually would but only a recommendation. The grip on the wheels are Phenomenal. I like to use Formula G's due to their softness but these are leaps and bounds above them. The bearing are excellent as well. Even right out of the box, their "roll duration" is much higher than what I expected. I would recommend these skates to anyone who is looking for a new pair. You get what you pay for and these are no exception
From: Chris, FL

Comments: This skate is phenomenal. Super light, feels like wearing a pair of running shoes, not a skate. Get them baked for a perfect fit.
From: Jason

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